Many of the affordable furniture, artwork, and mirrors made by Turner Manufacturing Company thousands of years ago are still in use today. Vintage Turner wall decorations and other goods are still available at a reasonable price even though they are no longer manufactured due to their high supply and low original worth. Turner wall prints are only worth what people are prepared to pay for them since, unlike more expensive antiques, there is no set price for them. Although the business had some small success during its peak, it


What is the Turner Manufacturing Company’s History?

For about thirty years, the Chicago-based Turner Manufacturing Company created a wide range of prints and paintings, many of which are still available for purchase today. However, most of these objects typically cost more to appraise than they are actually worth. Turner wall art was frequently offered at reasonable costs in department and outlet stores and was created more for casual home design than for art collections.

Reproductions of Old Master paintings from the 16th to 18th centuries made up a large portion of Turner’s wall art. Unknown painters were commissioned by the business to create original paintings for more contemporary artwork. In the 1960s and the first few years of the 1970s, shelving and mirrors were introduced to the company’s inventory.

Turner Wall Art Accessories’ Features

Turner wall art frequently has fashionable colour schemes, elegant and occasionally mirrored frames, and a signature somewhere on the painting, though its location may not be immediately apparent, especially if the work was reframed. Bird paintings by Turner typically sell for a little bit more money.

As opposed to more expensive natural materials, examples of Turner wall art made of man-made materials like plastic that are resistant to deterioration from moisture, heat, and light have survived in vast numbers. When Turner wall art was originally offered, it wasn’t regarded as being of good quality, and that hasn’t much altered now. For instance, mirrors and shelves frequently sell for less than $100 at auctions.

A few pieces of wall art by Turner are more expensive, but they are very uncommon. One original 1960s Turner wall print that Max Freshman had altered was purchased at auction for $1,500, but the print itself probably would have gone for less.

Where Can Old Turner Wall Accessories Be Sold?

In general, vintage Turner wall accent arts may be purchased online for prices between $10 and $300. You should think about the object in issue, its condition, and the location of the sale before you decide to sell your priceless work of art. However, private sales can be challenging to set up, and if you sell to a dealer or antique shop, you’ll probably only get 30 to 40% of whatever the item is resold for. Portraits and scenic prints of cities, remote nature spots, or bouquets frequently sell higher in antique shops or through private sale than at auctions.

If you choose to sell locally, Craigslist can be a great resource for connecting with prospective customers. You can sell it in your neighbourhood or a bigger city nearby, and it’s free to use. If you have a variety of items to sell, you may also use Etsy, but keep in mind that they will probably take a cut of your sales in some way. Websites with large traffic and global visibility, such as eBay, Amazon MarketPlace, and ArtFire, are also available.

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