What does BSF mean – The full form of BSF is best friend when used in a relationship; BSF has several meanings; it can also mean “But Seriously Folks” and “Best Sister Friend.” A brief explanation of each meaning is given here, 

  • A “best friend” is often said by using the abbreviation BSF.
  • Best Sexy friend also has the same abbreviation ‘BSF’; the best sexy friend is used more sexually.
  • But Seriously, Folks is often said with the abbreviation of BSF; this is used more in text messages.
  • In the urban dictionary, BSF is defined as textspeak and internet slang for best friend.


FAQs Related to What Does BSF Mean in a Relationship?

What does BFS mean?

BFS has the following meanings, 

  • Banking and Finance Sector.
  • Be file system (BeOS).
  • Banking and Financial Services.

What is the meaning of IBF?

IBF implies Internet Boyfriend. e.g., 

 He is my new IBF; we have not met yet.

What is the meaning of IGF?

IGF means Internet Girlfriend; it implies a girlfriend you found on the internet but not in real life.

What are the different meanings of BSF?

Here The different meanings of BSF are listed as follows :

  • The “Border Security Force “( BSF) is the border police organization of India. BSF is a central armed police force charged with the duty of guarding India’s land border throughout the entire year, even during peacetime, to prevent transnational crime. BSF has major active roles when a war breaks out in the country.
  • “Breadth-First Search” (BFS) is a crucial graph search algorithm that is used for solving various problems such as finding the shortest path in a graph and solving puzzle games such as Rubik’s Cube. Multiple issues in computer science can be thought of in terms of graphs.

What does FF mean in chats and social media platforms?

FF stands for Follow Friday in chat. It refers to Follow Friday in Social media.

Why are abbreviations or acronyms used in chats and over the internet?

The abbreviation and acronyms used over the internet and the social media platforms are called Internet Slang. Internet slang is a form of language that is used to communicate with one another. Internet slang can never be used in professional communication. Internet slangs are text messages that are shorthand. Internet slang can be used in texting, online chats, instant messaging, e-mails, blogs, newsgroups, postings, etc. 

What is the famous internet slang?

Here is the list of popular internet slang:

  • DM – Direct messages.
  • TTYL- Talk To You Later.
  • ROFL- Rolling on the Floor Laughing.
  • AMA- Ask Me Anything.
  • BRB- Be Right Back.
  • TBT- Throwback To.
  • IMHO- In My Humble Opinion.
  • G2G- Got To Go.
  • LOL- Laughing Out Loud.
  • BBG- Baby Girl.
  • SM- So Much.
  • IKR- I know, Right.
  • IDK- I Don’t Know.
  • LMK- Let Me Know.
  • GOAT- Greatest Of All Time.
  • TLDR- Too Long Didn’t Read.
  • AFK- Away From the Keyboard.
  • LMAO- Laughing My Ass Off.
  • NSA- No Strings Attached.
  • FFF- Follow For Follow.

What are some popular internet slang terms?

  • Dope
  • Bet
  • Lit
  • Bruh 
  • Bail 
  • Chillin
  • Drip, etc
  • On fleek.

What does SOS mean in Snapchat?

In Snapchat, SOS means Save Our Soul.

What does BF mean in Internet Slang?

BF means best friend or boyfriend in internet slang language.

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