The Letterkenny show is a Canadian TV series that is known for its humour and comedy dialogues and plays.

It is a YouTube series that was first released in 2016. The sitcom has one of the most hilarious comebacks and insults too. It should be a must-watch on everyone’s list.

The word rip or rips is mentioned so many times in the show, which is in fact known to use many slangs and phrases which people have searched countless times on google.

Here, I have made a list of questions that are being asked about the same words like rip and whatnot. Don’t worry, read on and you would know. Here it goes:-


What does rip mean? 

Ans. Do you mean generally? If it’s in general and not the rip Letterkenny thing then read on. If not, jump to the second answer.

As for those who aren’t aware of this, you must be terrified of the R.I.P mentioned everywhere whenever a celebrity dies or someone close to you does so.

It is basically a term to express grief and it means ‘Requiescat In Pace’. This is a Latin word that was always written on tombs and coffins. It basically means ‘Rest In Peace’.

Although this term is Christian, it is used in every religion now, even if you are an atheist. Of course, it would be ‘Be With Nothingness’ for you folks but it’s okay. 

What does rip mean in Letterkenny?

Ans. Schneef some dry rips on a couple of puppers will ya? That’s exactly the term or the language they use.

It’s basically a Canadian slang but it means to snort off something by keeping it on something.

Schneef is the term you use for snorting drugs like coke or any white powder inhaled through the nostrils and rip means to make sure that you keep the powder at a good place so that it doesn’t spill off or destroy the mood! 

What is a dry rip? 

Ans. For smokers of marijuana, it is a rule that the one who rolls lights the joint and takes the first hit. As for those who snort coke, they might know how it feels to take a swig of alcohol before snorting. This type is exactly endorsed by the sitcom and is used tremendously.

The white powder is said to be taken with alcohol. This is also a schneef term and you need to take booze beforehand to make your judgement better. Otherwise, you would be ripping a dry one.

You shouldn’t ever do dry rip as that indicates that you do have a schneef problem. 

In the series, the word is mentioned many times in strange contexts. What are those?

Ans. Well, drugs don’t just stop at coke. You gotta feel level 1 and then go on to level 10. So, level 1 is something that is quite legal in Canada.

The magic herb. While smoking cannabis, you do feel like you would just pull it apart and just destroy yourself and feel the ultimate high. This is what is called ripping a bong. 

To explain it more simply, rip basically means to do it with all your energy and with the greatest intensity possible.

That is what is called ripping. It means that you need to let go of anything and just do it for the sake of doing it with all your heart. That is why they say rip the bong or like take a drag with all your heart. 

It could also mean going out on an adventure or something. Like go out and do it with as much energy as possible. Like the sentence, ‘Let’s rip this place apart. This could mean that you are going to explore every nook and corner of the place. 

What does ‘getting ripped’ means in the bedroom?

Ans. If you haven’t heard this yet, chances are you have a great sex life or you haven’t had sex yet. The latter seems pretty sad but you need to know this too. It’s a term used during sex with women.

When you are having sex and it’s not going as smooth as it should, that means you are not lubricated enough. This is exactly what it means by getting ripped.

It is quite painful for the woman though and it’s better to either go very slow or use some lubricant to help the process go more easier.

It’s more enjoyable that way too. To sum it up in simple terms – Girl, you are basically too dry down there. This is what being ripped is. 

How about the term rips used in geography? 

Ans. Not like geography, it is more used in oceanography where you study the waves and everything.

A rip can be defined as streams, waves or currents of water that go against the wave from the shore to the sea itself.

It is considered to be very dangerous to swim when you see a rip current and it is basically a death trap set out by the ocean.

If you see one, make sure that you swim parallel to the shore rather than swimming towards.

Also, these currents do not exist to feed on humans but to make sure that the water and the fauna on the beach go back into the ocean. They are mostly known as the rivers inside the ocean. 

What is “Wheel, Snipe and Celly” in Letterkenny? 

Ans. The show Letterkenny is known to make as many slang phrases as possible and some of them feels like they are specifically designed for the show. Some of them are picked up by social media and then it goes on.

How about we use the term ‘Netflix and Chill’? Or ‘Hentai with Senpai’?, Just like that, these three words have been derived from the terms skate shoot and celebrate.

The wheel is basically meant to have sex with Snipe which is a hot girl. Celly is basically celebrating so it follows the same lines

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