Videos and audio can help retain viewers on your website, especially since more people find this type of content easy to consume. Also, Google prefers video content as this seems to be harder to prepare.

As a result, sites with more videos are likely to rank higher on search engines. Still, you should consider using transcription services since they will help you rank higher on search engines.

Transcription services will simply convert your audio files into text, usually word-for-word, and this is primarily meant to make it easier for visitors to use your content.

As an extra benefit, it will boost your SEO ranking. Let’s find out how you can improve your SEO ranking with transcription.


1. It Allows Search Engines to Index Your Website for Certain Keywords

Search engines cannot listen to audio or watch videos, and this is why such content is usually ignored by these machines. To allow the bots to rank your site for certain keywords, you should turn the content into text, and this is possible through transcription.

It is important to include essential keywords and phrases in the transcripts as this will help the search engines understand your content.

Also, make sure you produce high-quality videos and audio as this will minimize the bounce rate on the site. As a result, Google will understand that your content is authoritative and useful, and it will raise your rank over time.

2. It Allows Different Types of Visitors to Use Your Content

Videos and audio content are great, but you should remember that some visitors will find it easier to scan a written document than listen to the entire video. They may also prefer reading along as they listen to the audio as this will make it easier for them to understand the content.

It is also possible that some of your potential visitors have some form of hearing issue, and adding transcripts can allow them to use your content.

Another issue you will solve with transcription is that non-native speakers will be able to access the content. In many cases, they may have trouble understanding the accent of native speakers.

You should also consider the fact that certain viewers may need to listen to the audio or video content in noisy places.

By increasing the number of visitors who visit your website, you will be able to rank higher on search engines as your content will be perceived to be useful.

3. It Allows You to Incorporate Backlinks to Your Content

By transcribing your videos and audio files, you will be able to add backlinks to other relevant pages, and this will help to increase your rank on search engines. Also, by exchanging links with other websites, you will be able to draw traffic from their content.

You should also note that more website owners will be interested in linking back to your site if you transcribe your videos.

For better results, you can even add infographics and other forms of content that are easy to scan. If more people link back to your website, search engines will rank you higher as you will seem to be an authority in the field.

4. You Will Get an Advantage Over Competitors

Transcription services will give you an advantage over your competitors since you will be able to rank on Google for certain keywords. At the same time, your audience will expand significantly as it will include people who don’t necessarily want to watch entire videos.

If your competitors fail to use an online transcription service, you will be able to capture a larger audience and will rank higher than them on Google and other search engines.


SEO optimization is a cost-effective way of marketing your products and services. If you don’t have lots of resources to invest in marketing, you can simply use a transcription service to convert your videos and audio files to text.

By adding text to your videos, you will give search engines a chance to crawl your articles and rank your site for various keywords. Without transcription services, you will only be able to add keywords to the titles and descriptions.

It is worth noting that transcription services will increase your engagement since people who prefer reading texts will be able to use the content.

With transcription services, other website owners will be incentivized to link back to your website. This will signal to the search engines that you are an authority on the subject, and you will eventually rank higher on Google.

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