There are now multiple types of office spaces out there to suit the ever-changing needs of modern businesses.

With spaces becoming more accommodating, it’s essential to make sure you find the perfect office space for your business requirements.

Whether you’re considering open office spaces, in need of complete privacy, or desperate to discover the perfect serviced offices to propel your company forward, making the right choice can be difficult.

Here’s our guide to the 5 types of office space you should consider, and what they can offer your business.


Creative Office Spaces

Creative office spaces are experiencing a surge in popularity.

The majority of creative agencies and tech start-ups have embraced these spaces to minimise outgoings while developing a stronger team dynamic in the process.

Creative office spaces provide businesses with a collaborative and communal feel in the workplace.

Efficiency is key in these office spaces, so open-plan layouts, high ceilings and wooden floors are the standard aesthetic.

While what you gain in financial savings you lose in privacy, the simple and understated decor of these office spaces inspires teamwork and intimacy.

Contiguous Office Spaces

Contiguous office space is essentially several suites that exist on the same floor within a building that is rented to a single tenant.

These spaces are usually used by large businesses in need of multiple offices to facilitate the different departments of their company.

Contiguous office spaces provide larger industries with the convenience of leasing several suites within one specific building.

Expanding companies also have the option to spread their offices across other floors within the buildings they lease.

Co-working Office Spaces

Co-working office spaces are a flexible workspace option for small businesses that are just starting to establish themselves.

Companies are able to rent a specific number of desks to suit their needs, usually on a monthly basis for extra convenience.

Shared office spaces provide communal amenities and meeting rooms, and social interactions between other start-up businesses.

What companies gain in networking and cost-saving methods, they lose in privacy.

But with the leasing flexibility a co-working space can provide, this is ideal for the money-savvy start-up business.

Traditional Office Spaces

Traditional office spaces suit established businesses within less creative industries, such as insurance, banking, law and other financial services.

These standard and familiar office layouts will include a reception area, private offices and a boardroom in peaceful settings that suit focused businesses.

These traditional office spaces typically require a lease of around 3-5 years, so long-term planning is essential in finding the ideal traditional office for your business.

They provide a sense of routine and stability to your employees and exude professionalism.

Executive Suite Office Spaces

Executive suites and office spaces provide the ultimate fully serviced experience for lucrative businesses.

In addition to a receptionist, conference rooms and pre-wired internet and phone services, most private office suites offer flexible leasing options to suit the needs of their exclusive renters.

Executive office spaces provide you with a more luxurious and worry-free setup and the leeway to rent flexibly from the comfort of a stylish, fully furnished workspace.

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