In the digital age, the net has become an inevitable part of everyday lives. From purchasing groceries and clothes to forming opinions and carrying out daily transactions, all is done through the Internet.

While surfing through these sites, your online activities are stored in the form of traces through digital footprints. Many big organizations and governments keep an eye on your activities by getting access to these digital traces.

By tracking your movements, the government usually monitors your transactions, thereby breaching your privacy. Many big private organizations misuse this data by selling it on the dark web.

Your data holds the integrity of your identity. The exposure of this personal data could lead to a leak of your sensitive information.

This data includes your addresses, bank details, and phone numbers, and much more. These organizations generally track your IP addresses and go through your system data.

As a result, you could become a target of password infringement frauds, monetary scams, and much more. It is why ensuring proper online hygiene is essential in this era.

You must install a dark web monitoring tool. Nonetheless, other apps are also available. They help you stay discrete and perform your functions smoothly. Given below is a list of 5 such apps that ensure digital privacy. Read on to know more.


1. LastPass

Setting up an account online or can be quite a task, especially when sensitive matters are concerned. Furthermore, to ensure complete safety, a strong password is necessary.

To add on, storing valuable documents such as ID cards or driving licenses in physical form can be a hassle. LastPass allows you to store your passcodes, license documents, and bank credentials in an organized manner.

Moreover, this application also acts as a password generator. So you do not need to generate a password yourself every time. You can choose from the suggestions by LastPass.

It can help you create authentic passwords, therefore protecting your privacy.

2. Use a VPN

When surfing online, your activities are under constant surveillance by malicious organizations and governments looking to steal data. This is possible when you are browsing through an unencrypted network.

The ISP of your network connection can easily trace down your IP address. To ensure safety from this, you can arm yourself with a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides an encrypted tunnel for your data packets to get through. It could keep your digital footprints safe.

It is an essential factor, especially when you connect to public Wi-Fi, to prevent your system breach.

3. Signal

There have been constant reports of data theft and leaks in most messaging applications today. It could expose your privacy by giving access to your location, messaging details, and much more sensitive data.

To bring an end to the debate, the Signal app is a great tool with benefits that surpass the counterparts.

The advantages of this app include end-to-end encryption for all voice and video calls. It also gives a safety number and PIN to ensure smooth errorless communication.

It has surplus options of self-destructing messages and much more. Thus it is a completely data secure application for messaging.

4. 2ndLine

In this era, finding a job has become quite challenging. It is why freelancing has become quite popular among working groups. However, it is not easy to find a job that matches your work profile.

For this purpose, 2ndLine is a common platform for both the companies and the working groups. The application ensures good coordination between the two parties and establishes business contacts.

Adding to this, it maintains your privacy by keeping your information discrete.

The app also provides you a separate phone number for business purposes, thereby keeping your sensitive data secure.

5. Bouncer

The most essential commodity in today’s world is data. Your system can get infected by embedded malware present in some applications.

This malware can gain unauthorized access to your system and eventually steal data files. The Bouncer is an app that prevents apps from accessing more than the required data for functioning.

It monitors the app’s activity and deactivates the same on suspecting any unnecessary actions.

Thus, this helps prevent any potential data thefts, ensuring complete data secrecy. Furthermore, it reduces the auto-enabled app runtimes that occur in background processes.


Privacy is an integral element of your identity. A well-secured system can help to secure your sensitive information. For this purpose, there are many digital tools available on the web.

They ensure well-encrypted communication and hence, protect your network from snoopers such as big private firms and governmental organizations.

Many financial and social losses may be avoided by following a proper set of practices. Inculcate such practices and browse the net without stressing about your privacy.

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