Typically, there’s nothing more exciting than moving to a new home and having a fresh start.

However, if you’re relocating valuables such as antiques, paintings, dishes, and many more, the whole transition can become more stressful as they pose a different level of challenge if they’re not taken care of properly.

Thus, to make sure you safely and securely move your valuable items, below are the seven tips to consider from the get-go:


1. Know the Value of Your Valuable Items

Before doing anything else, it’s essential that you get your items appraised by experts so you’ll know their true worth. When you’re aware of the value of your valuables, you’ll get an idea which items should be prioritized to ensure their safety and security.

Additionally, by knowing the true worth of your items, you can make sure they’re insured properly in the event they’re damaged during the relocation.

2. Make an Inventory of All Your Valuables

The first thing you should do to protect all your valuable items during the move is to make an inventory. This inventory list can be helpful in several ways.

For instance, having a list of all your valuables makes it easy for you to locate items that may go missing. Also, it’ll become beneficial in case you need to file an insurance claim due to loss or damage.

Moreover, along with the inventory list, it’s important to take photos of each item for documentation. If the valuables come with letters of authentication and bills, be sure to also place them in a file together for safe keeping.

3. Hire a Reliable Moving Company

If you have lots of bigger valuables that you can’t move on your own, then getting a premiere luxury moving service can be a great idea.

For example, if you have an antique painting that has been passed for generations, you can work with experienced professionals to ensure it’s transported in a safe and secure manner.

Using their skills and expertise, they can handle your valuables with special care. They may also have special crates that make the process of moving safer for all your premium possessions. Your valuables will most likely be safe if you hire experienced movers with a good reputation.

4. Purchase Insurance

To ensure the protection of your valuables during the relocation, be sure to find out if they’re covered by your home insurance policy.

But, even if they are, it’s still important to purchase additional insurance from your insurance agent to make sure your valuables are covered in case of loss or damage during the transit.

By doing this, you can have peace of mind knowing you can get full value for your expensive and fragile items.

5. Use the Right Packing Materials

While the boxes you get from the grocery work properly for your clothes and other essentials, they may not work just fine if you’re packing up all your fragile and expensive items.

Generally, having the right packing materials can go a long way in ensuring the safety of your valuables throughout the transit.

For example, you may have to use specialty boxes and other additional packing materials to provide cushion to your expensive items.

In case you’re packing premium dishes, you may need to use padding or several layers of paper so they’ll not shatter in case there’s a bump on the edge.

On the other hand, when looking for the appropriate materials to use, be sure they’ll not scratch your valuables. That’s why if you want this process to become seamless, working with a moving company can also be a good idea.

They have knowledge of the various ways of packing valuables safely and securely.

6. Label the Boxes Accordingly

Aside from packing, you also need to know how to label your moving boxes accordingly.

While using the proper packing materials can make a huge difference in the success of your move, it’s also important that you take labeling seriously before transporting anything.

Thus, if you’re moving valuable items from point A to point B, be sure to label each box with the right words.

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget to draw an arrow pointing up as part of the label in the boxes so the one carrying them will take extra care.

7. Keep the Small Valuables With You

Typically, small valuables like pieces of jewelry and electronics can be damaged easily when placed in the moving truck. To avoid this, it’s best to keep them with you or somewhere safe.

Just be sure to pack them safely and securely in an appropriate bag for their protection throughout the move.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of reasons why you should protect your valuable items during a move. If they’re not taken care of properly, you can increase their risk of damage.

However, by following the tips mentioned above, you can guarantee a safe move for all your fragile and expensive items.

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