There are many fun event venues at Jurong point to try. Take into consideration the opinion of your group members before planning a trip to the location. There are many fun things to do.

Some activities are meant for adults and others can be performed by all people. Many people spare their free time to visit the theme park.

It has several things you can get to do and enjoy the good times together with loved ones. The loved ones are eager to try new things.

The fun event venue Jurong point creates the perfect opportunity for the kids and adults to try new things. Some of the things they can try are as follows:


Cult-favorite Arcade Games

There are several cult favorite games you may like to explore with friends. The fun park has a section where people can go and enjoy a wide range of games.

The games are arranged to make people stay excited. Those who would like to explore the world of video games find the theme park very interesting. They are well organized to bring about fun and interesting things for people to enjoy.

Racing and Music

Some people love racing events and music. The theme park comes with several racing games where loved ones can enjoy. It is good to spare time and visit early in the day to get to explore different types of music.

The different types of music played at theme park makes people relax. If you have been busy during the week, you can visit the location during weekends and get to enjoy the different types of games they offer.

Air Hockey

The game is new, but it has attracted a lot of attention. Family members would like to learn new things. They can try the game, and it will offer them the best opportunity to learn new and exciting things.

There are several rules you need to apply when playing air hockey. The different exciting things you will learn as you play the games will make you enjoy every aspect.

It is an interesting game you will get to explore with close friends. At the fun event venue Jurong point, you can enjoy other interesting games such as Boxing Machines and Hammer King.

Monster Catcher

It is another game you can introduce to your loved ones. The game is unique and interesting. You can start competing to get to know how fast each of you gets to master the rules.

The theme park has friendly attendants who will be ready to offer any help if you need it. You can always rely on the game to enjoy the best outdoor experience.

3D Virtual Reality Games

Those who love video games can visit the fun event venue Jurong point and enjoy the different games.

The latest games are available on the platform, making it easy for people to enjoy the best experience as they play different games. The theme park is carefully built to have enough space where people can enjoy the new games.

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