Having air conditioning at home is something many people take for granted but is your system ready for the upcoming Texan summer?

Now is a great time to check your AC system and ensure that any repairs, tuning, or other maintenance are done ahead of the increasing temperatures across the state.

It is always a good idea to stay on top of AC maintenance throughout the year to prevent issues, but many of us are too busy to do this, which means now is the best time to get to work if you want a cool, comfortable summer at home.

AC maintenance is not something you can do alone, but luckily, Frisco is home to some incredible companies that can offer AC maintenance tune-ups so that you can get prepared for summer now.  

In this guide, we are going to be sharing the importance of AC for Texans, as well as some of the ways that every homeowner can take care of their AC systems before calling the engineers.  

If you want to have a cool, comfortable summer at home in Frisco, now is the time to act when it comes to your AC system.


Why You Need AC at Home

Texas is renowned for its hot weather and dry summer seasons, which is why almost all homes across the state have AC of some kind.

If you have not yet taken the plunge to get air conditioning installed in your home, then you are missing out. There is nothing better than relaxing in an air-conditioned home on a hot summer’s day.

With air conditioning, you can easily control the temperature of your home and ensure it is comfortable for everyone. You will find it more comfortable to be indoors when the temperatures rise outside, and it can also offer additional benefits too, such as improving sleep.

AC has many benefits, and it is something that everyone should have access to in Frisco due to the hot weather this county experiences.

Whether you are looking to get an AC unit installed for the first time or need your old unit replaced, this is a job that is best left to the professionals.

It takes an expert to install an AC unit safely and correctly, someone with the necessary experience and skills to ensure that your new cooling unit will work as required.

Each home has unique needs, which is why no two AC units are installed the same.

Working with professionals will give you the opportunity to talk about your needs and allow the technician to see your home so they can find the best fit.

While it is possible to buy AC units at DIY stores, a professional will offer the exact model for your home based on how many rooms require cooling, the kind of property you live in, and your budget.

Having AC at home will be a game-changer all year round, but especially during the hot and humid summer months.

This is why it is best to act as early on in the year as possible when it comes to AC maintenance to ensure that you are prepared for the hotter season, which is fast approaching.

AC Maintenance

Getting an AC unit is only one part of the process as there is ongoing maintenance required to ensure this system runs well and safely.

There are some things that you can do yourself to ensure your home air conditioning works well, but a professional will be required for an annual check-up and tuning of the system too.

Like any other mechanical system in your home, AC units require regular maintenance to keep them working as well as they should.

Although problems can arise at any time, it is best to be prepared ahead of time which is why now is the best time to speak to a professional regarding your AC if you want to use it throughout the summer.

You should schedule the annual tune-up of your AC now to ensure that it is working ahead of time.

Various forms of maintenance go into making an AC system run well, many of which are best left to professionals. However, there are some simple things you, as the homeowner, can do throughout the year to make sure your system runs well now.

If you want to beat the heat in Frisco, TX, then you will need to take continued, good care of your AC unit and ensure any issues are treated as soon as possible.

How To Maintain AC At Home

While the larger tasks, such as installing, repairing, and tuning ACs, should be left to professionals, there are some tasks that you, as the homeowner, can do in the meantime.

With regular maintenance, you will be able to prevent issues within the AC unit and ensure your home is cool on-demand throughout the year.

Regular maintenance done at home also allows you to notice issues faster, meaning they can be resolved quickly to prevent them from becoming worse and more costly to resolve.

Your AC should be professionally inspected annually, but there are things you should be doing throughout the year to keep it working well.

If you have an AC unit at home, there are some regular tasks that you should add to your chores list to maintain this system:

1. Inspect and Change Filters

It is recommended for you to inspect and potentially change your AC filters once a month to prevent issues. A dirty AC filter will use more energy, which makes it more expensive to run, all without giving as good as a result.

It can also be dangerous to leave dirty filters in the AC, as germs and bacteria from within will spread throughout your home with the cold air.

This is why it is recommended for homeowners to inspect the filters in their AC units once a month to see if any issues need addressing.

This timeframe can be increased during the summer when the AC is being used more often and should be increased if you live with furry pets, as their fur will contaminate the filters.

As with all kinds of maintenance, the more you do it, the more likely you are to catch issues before they can get worse.

2. Clean AC Coils

Like anything left stagnant for too long, the inner workings of your home AC unit can become dusty.

One of the biggest issues for those with AC is the inner workings of the unit, namely the copper coils, which can be accessed from the back of the system.

Over time these coils will become dusty and can collect cobwebs, which may eventually get trapped in the system and reduce its efficiency.

Depending on the kind of AC unit you have, the best time to clean the coils will vary, but once a month is a great way to keep on top of things.

Some units, however, may only need to be cleaned annually, which can be done before the professional inspection.

You will need to remove the backing of the AC unit to see the coils, allowing you to see if there is any dust or cobwebs that need to be removed. These can be brushed away easily.

It is a good idea to clean your AC system before the summer approaches to get your home prepared for the hotter weather.

3. Maintaining the Condensing Unit

The condensing unit of your AC is most likely going to be located outside of your home, where it is usually drilled into the outer walls so air can be collected from outdoors.

As it is outside, you may forget to check on the condensing unit of your AC which can lead to additional issues later down the line.

As you are doing your clean of the AC unit ahead of the summer, make sure to look at the condensing filter outside of your home and ensure there are no blockages present.

You may need to dust the filter to remove cobwebs and cut back foliage to prevent it from becoming trapped.

If your condensing unit is located close to the ground, make sure to keep away from it when mowing the lawn as grass particles could get trapped inside.

4. Removing Clogs

If you have a central AC system, then you can prevent and remove clogs within the drain lines using a stiff brush.

This is something you should occasionally do, no more than once every two months, depending on how much you have been using the AC, but it can be an effective way to maintain the AC and prevent issues.

A stiff wire brush can be used to clear through the condensate drains occasionally, preventing build-up and removing any current clogs in the system.

By removing clogs, you can help the AC run more efficiently and clear pathways for the cooler air to enter your home.

If you are dealing with blocked pipes or cannot remove a clog yourself, please speak to a professional engineer.

When It’s Time to Call the Professionals

While there are some ways that homeowners can take care of their AC units themselves, some tasks require a professional touch.

Installing or replacing an AC system is a task that should be left to the professionals, as there is a lot of work that goes into this.

Another professional task is the AC tune-up, which is the annual inspection of these systems.

All kinds of AC units should be professionally inspected every year to see if there are issues that need to be resolved and to check that the system works efficiently.

This works best when done before the summer when your AC will be working overtime to cool your home.

Calling in a professional engineer will ensure a top to bottom inspection of your AC system, which should identify any issues, allowing you to get them resolved before they become too expensive to deal with.

While there is some small maintenance and cleaning that homeowners can do independently throughout the year, a professional AC tune-up is required at least once every 12 months to ensure things are working as they should.

During the tune-up, an experienced engineer will inspect all aspects of the system and do any cleaning or repairs that need to take place.

This is a way of not only staying on top of things, as issues can be caught early on, but also ensuring your AC system works well and is safe to run.

It is recommended for your annual inspection of the AC to take place before the summer, as this is when you are more likely to use the unit and rely on it daily.

This will not be possible if there are repairs needed or something has gone wrong within the system, resulting in a very uncomfortable summer in your home.

Beat the summer heat in Frisco, TX by scheduling your AC tune-up today to ensure things are working safely and smoothly.

Get One Step Ahead: Book Today

The best way to prepare for the upcoming summer months is to schedule your annual AC inspection as soon as possible.

Your AC system requires an annual tune-up, and before summer is the best time to schedule it because it allows you to treat any issues before they can become too much of a problem.

Most homes rely heavily on their AC units during the summer, especially in a hot and humid location like Frisco, TX.

This is why booking your annual tune-up now is ideal, as it will allow all repairs to be done in time for the hotter weather so you can be comfortable in your home.

With professionals on your side, you can make sure your AC is running safely well before you have to rely on it heavily in the summer.

Professional engineers will ensure that you can have a safe, comfortable summer at home through their AC inspections.  

You can schedule your annual AC tune-up with local engineers today.

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