Are you an event organizer and planning to organize a music festival? Well, we have a simple trick for you that can help boost your musical festival’s experience for the audience, that is, technology.

Technology is just a simple and weird but innovative feature that can amplify the thrill of Australian music festivals.

Technologies in the form of virtual reality (VR), radio-frequency identification (RFID), facial recognition, and beacons create a more engaging experience for the audience.

According to a research by billboard estimates that 32 million people attend at least one event in the US each year of which half are millennials. We all know how addicted millennials are to technology.

So, let us understand closely how technology can amplify the thrill experience of your music festival for the audience, especially for millennials.


1. Ease in the Collection of Data and Crowd-sensing

Being an event organizer, it is an additional perk if you get handy to the database of people present in the audience.

This is actually very much possible if RFID helps you with this. In other words, RFID collects data around customer profiles of the audience, their social media activity, their general behaviors, and their festival spending.

Isn’t it a dream come true?

Facial recognition check upon entry to the event helps police check the entire audience against a live database of wanted criminals.

Such festivals are obviously prone to risks and these technologies offer us an advanced level of security.

In addition to this, the audience profiles also give you an opportunity to improvise the overall visitor experience in your musical festival.

For instance, Beacon Technology can give you an understanding of how people navigated through the festival, find any dark spots which are to be well lit and understand the popularity of an artist.

2. Offering Engaging Experiences

A good music festival is one that offers the audience an interactive and engrossing experience. At the end of the day, a visitor might just want to leave the festival if his smartphone is almost on the verge of getting dead.

Offering high speed 4G connectivity and mobile charging stations around the entire festival might just do the magic.

A 360-degree video and binaural audio can create a huge impact on the audience’s experience. In the world of work from home, what if you could offer people music festival experiences from their own homes?

Yes, it is very much possible. A 360-degree panoramic video created by a VR headset, one can view performances and also engage with everyone present on the festival grounds.

Live streaming virtual reality (VR) content on video apps like Meerkat, Periscope, and Facebook Live is actually highly engaging and provides users with a personal experience.

The Dome, a spherical theatre, is basically a giant VR experience that brings together vision and sound to create a 10-minute engaging experience for several audiences simultaneously.

Additions of such theatres to the festivals obviously boost up the entire experience.

3. Converting the Old Wristbands Into a Multitasking One

RFID wristbands are in use for many years now for payments and creating social engagement. Technology development is an unstoppable process.

Today’s technology can be used to prepare wristbands to create a seamless, personalized, and multitasking experience.

This multitasking technology consists of a complex network of receivers to keep a track of a visitor’s movement throughout the festival.

The wristband single-handedly works as a parking pass, door key, and method of payment. In addition to it, it lets audiences connect with each other through social media like Facebook.

Beacons are low energy Bluetooth devices that have the ability to broadcast anything to your smartphone. This is used to receive precise and relevant content according to their current location.

Brands can use this wearable technology to promote themselves by regularly sending notifications of special offers, alerts of events, and other rewards in the form of giveaways and premium experiences. Isn’t it amazing?

Over to You…

So, now that you are aware of how technological advancements can amplify the overall experience of a music festival. What are you waiting for? Amplify the music festival experience by adding the right kind of technology!

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