There are a few things you majorly focus on while decorating your house. These things include furniture, paint and flooring.

Most people do not give importance to the flooring part. Generally, they keep the existing ones.

But do you know that as per the expert recommendations one should always change the flooring after every 6 months? But considering the budget, it might not be feasible for everyone.

Hence, we need to make sure that the flooring which we are using for the very first time is the right one.

You can consider checking various online options such as Bayset before finalising the flooring. Here is the guide which would help you choose the right flooring for your apartment.


1. Look for the Style

While deciding on the flooring make sure you understand the interior of your apartment. Your flooring should match your furniture as well as the paint of the room.

You might get a lot of options to see on the website or the showroom visit.

But here you need to choose the flooring as per the color combination and style of your home. Fixing the wrong style of flooring can end up messing with your overall interior.

2. Understand the Practicality

Every section of your apartment is different and hence the flooring used for each would be also different.

The flooring in the kitchen will not be the same as used for the living room or the bedroom. Understand the structure and usage of each apartment.

Your kitchen will have more stains or spills hence the flooring would be darker in shade and will be able to clean easily while for the living room you can choose the bright color which would make it look better due to the light reflection. The same thing goes for the bedroom as well.

3. Consider Your Space

Checking the space of your apartment is one of the next important factors while choosing the flooring.

The floorings with bigger designs or structures would only look good with bigger apartments.

If your living room or bedroom is smaller in the size then you would need to get the floorings with smaller designs. You can check their catalogues for reference.

4. Understand Your Budget

Now let’s jump to another important factor which is your budget. Every vendor will offer you different designs and patterns.

Talk to the vendor clearly about your budget before starting the discussion. Get quotes from various vendors. You can also check various websites that offer floorings.

5. Understand the Type

While exploring the flooring options you will come across many types such as vinyl, carpet, wood, timber, laminate, bamboo and cork.

Before deciding on the flooring understand which texture or material is appealing to you. Also, consider your lifestyle while choosing the flooring.

If you are looking for durability then you can consider choosing the porcelain tiles as these are easy to clean and generally resistant to all types of dents and scratches.

If you choose the carpet or wooden one then it requires high maintenance. Carpets or wooden flooring might fancy you but be ready to clean it frequently.

6. Check for Maintenance

After long research you finally got the floorings at your place but what if you do not get the time to maintain them?

If you are someone who hardly gets time to maintain the flooring make sure you get the resilient ones that require fewer efforts to maintain.

You can consider getting the laminate, tiles, vinyl, or sheet vinyl for this purpose. If you are a lover of wooden flooring then make sure you clean it frequently as it tends to get dirty a lot.

Many people tend to put the carpets or rugs over the wooden flooring to keep it clean but what is the use of getting it if you are not going to use it completely.

Hence make sure you consider this factor while deciding on the flooring.

7. Check for Installation

While buying the flooring you will get the options for installations. You can either fox it on your own or you can get professional help.

Generally, wooden or laminate floorings can be fixed on your own while the tiles one would require professional help.

If you are a working professional and do not wish to invest your time or efforts into the installation part on your own then you can ask the vendor or supplier for professional help.

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