Ever since the spread of the novel coronavirus picked up the pace, the disease has resulted in millions of infections and deaths around the world.

While there are countless types of known viruses, the COVID-19 is a new strain that has not been known to infect humans before.

However, until today, more than a year since the breakout, world leaders are still scrambling to find ways to curb the spread, with scientists continuously racing to find effective treatments and vaccines that will help put a stop to the pandemic once and for all.

As for everyone at home, staying healthy is a good idea to protect oneself from contracting the contagious disease.

But, how can we really make ourselves useful in stopping the dreaded virus from spreading and claiming more casualties? Well, for a start, you’ll want to make sure you practice good hygiene.

You should also make sure that you’re keeping your immune system strong with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep.

There are many ways to strengthen your immune system, and it’ll be one of your best defenses against COVID-19.

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Water Against COVID-19: Why Is Hydration Important?

Countless health protocols are implemented everywhere around the world to stop the spread of coronavirus infection. Health and wellness trends are also expected to continue beyond the pandemic.

But will drinking enough water every day help you fend off the virus? Here are the reasons why hydration is even more important in the current pandemic:

1. Water May Help Flush Toxins and Pathogens

The kidneys and liver are the primary detoxing organs of the body. However, without enough water, they won’t be able to do their job properly.

Insufficient water will make it more difficult for the organs to eliminate toxins and unwanted microorganisms.

If you notice, your pee becomes darker when you’re not drinking enough water. Darker urine is a high concentration of waste products, which also means that they’re still inside the body.

These waste products, when not eliminated, may build up and cause problems down the line. Weakening your immune system is just one of them.

2. Water Prevents Dehydration

When you don’t drink enough water, you’re unable to replace the fluids you lose throughout the day. Healthy nasal passages are moist, which can help trap viruses and keep them from spreading inside the body.

But when there’s dehydration, your nasal passages will dry up, along with your skin, and they’ll be more susceptible to irritation and pathogen invasion.

The earliest signs of dehydration are headaches, dry mouth and lips, reduced frequency of urination, dark-colored urine, irritability, and inability to focus and concentrate.

If at any time you notice any of these and suspect dehydration, take an oral rehydration solution like Drip Drop ORS to quickly restore your electrolyte balance.

Electrolyte solutions contain sodium and potassium, which replenishes dehydrated cells quickly and maintain fluid balance.

3. Water Enhances Nutrient Transportation and Absorption

You may already be eating healthy foods to help boost your immune system. But without enough water, your body may have a hard time getting the nutrients from such foods to where they’re needed in your body.

To begin with, water aids digestion. When you’re properly hydrated, your digestive system will work more smoothly, which will also help your body to transport and absorb the nutrients you ingest.

To get the maximum benefits of water, you need to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces, every day. That means if you weigh 90lbs, your ideal water intake is 45 ounces a day.

However, if you’re physically active or if you consume caffeine and/or alcohol, then you need more than that.

4. Water Boosts the Immune System

The nutrients that water helps to transport throughout the body are essential to building a strong immune system.

If you’ve been taking immune-boosting supplements like vitamin C and zinc, your body will be able to use them better if you’re properly hydrated.

Lymphatic draining, which helps maintain a healthy immune system, also requires proper hydration.

The lymph nodes or glands, which make up the lymphatic system, filters blood circulation and traps any harmful microorganisms to keep them from spreading.

The lymphatic system also plays a major role in the production and transportation of immune cells and antibodies, which are the body’s strongest internal defenses against pathogen invasion and disease proliferation.

5. Water Promotes Recovery From Illness

When you get colds, flu, and ever, or are vomiting, you’ll often be advised to increase your fluid intake. However, more water isn’t only beneficial in those cases.

If you’re sick, even if you’re not really losing significant amounts of fluids, water will help speed up your recovery.

Optimum hydration during any illness helps to maintain proper blood circulation. The blood transports fighter cells to catch disease-causing microorganisms that managed to get inside the body.

If you’re constantly hydrated, these disease-fighting cells will be able to catch their targets faster and prevent them from multiplying further.

The more efficient this process is, the faster the microorganisms will be eliminated from the body, and the faster you’ll recover from your illness.

6. Water Is Beneficial for Overall Wellness

Your overall wellness can be a big factor when it comes to contracting an illness and recovering from it. As you know by now, proper hydration—along with exercise—helps to maintain healthy blood circulation.

A healthy circulation also transports oxygen to all the organs, which is vital in maintaining their optimum function.

In a gist, water helps all the organs to function smoothly, which is crucial for the body to stay healthy in general and resistant enough against diseases.


Water is the best drink anyone can get when it comes to staying healthy. It’s easily available, cheap, and does not require special preparations. Just make sure that your drinking water is clean and purified.

Dehydration, even in its early stages can make you more susceptible to diseases in many ways. But don’t wait until you’re feeling unwell before you consider drinking more water.

The pandemic we’re all in today should be enough reason for you to want to stay healthy as much as possible.

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