Your tenant calls you and reports a blocked drain. What should you do? As a landlord, this is going to be your responsibility. So, you have two options.

You can try to solve the problem yourself, or you can use a drain unblocking service in London. Read on for a guide on what you should do.


Are Landlords Responsible for Fixing a Blocked Drain?

Most of the time, it is going to be the landlord that is responsible for resolving a blocked drain in their property. This is outlined in the Landlord and Tennant Act 1985. Namely, you are expected to maintain your property and this includes the drainage system and all plumbing. Thus, when a blockage occurs, this means that if you are a landlord, this is going to be your responsibility.

There can be some situations where a tenant is going to be held accountable for a blocked drain. For example, if the tenants have been irresponsible and have caused the blocked drain by being reckless or careless, this can mean that you can charge them for the repairs. But, this does not mean that they have to sort out drain unblocking services. This is something that you can take charge of as a landlord and you can know what is happening.

Are Drain Unblocking Services the Best Option for Landlords?

The simple answer is yes; it is going to be best to use a professional drain unblocking service when you have a problem. As a landlord, you can have a lot of expenses when it comes to your properties. It can be tempting to look for ways to cut corners and keep your costs down.

But, this is not something you want to do when it comes to a blocked drain. Homemade remedies and bleach might seem like a cheap way to solve the problem. But, the truth is, they can do a lot of unseen damage. In particular, they can damage pipes and lead to more costly problems later on. What’s more, a lot of cheap products simply do not work when it comes to blockages. They may help with the odor but they can rarely clear the problem.

With drain unblocking services, you can enjoy a quick and successful solution to the problem. Most companies offer quick response times and this can mean you can sort out your property in no time. Look for a company with qualified engineers and this can ensure they know what they are doing. They will have all of the right equipment to identify the issue and clear the blockage. Then, your property is going to be ready for tenants to move in to, or it will keep your tenants already living there happy.

What Signs Signify a Blocked Drain?

If you are a landlord, you need to make sure you can identify a blocked drain. This is going to allow you to bring in the professionals quickly and to resolve the problem as soon as possible. This ensures that you fulfill your responsibility as a landlord and it is also going to keep tenants satisfied with where they live.

When there is slow draining water, this is a common sign that there is a problem with your system. Something is stopping the water from disappearing, which could be anything from food and oils to hair and soap scum. This can also be accompanied by an unpleasant odor, which can occur when there is a food blockage. Gurgling and strange sounds are common and this indicated there is an issue that you cannot see.

When you notice any of these issues or a tenant reports them, make sure that they are not ignored. Otherwise, this can lead to a complete blockage that could mean that tenants have to move out until it is fixed. This could cost you more money and mean your tenants are not happy and do not renew their contract.

In addition, if you find out that the blockage may have been caused by tenants, it might be best to warn future tenants about what they can and cannot put down the drains. This could help to prevent this issue from happening again in the future. Sometimes, it can be an innocent mistake that someone makes. But, you have to tell them so that they do not repeat this mistake again. Therefore, consider including lists of unsuitable items for flushing down the drain with new and extended contracts.

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