The rapid development of technology for business use has been notable in recent years. For example, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and employees in office-based roles we’re asked to work remotely, there was suddenly a massive increase in demand for various apps and software packages that were needed to improve productivity.

In fact, once all the relevant equipment and apps were in place, it was discovered that productivity within remote working teams could be much higher than originally envisaged. Some products involved were in the telephony world and many in digital communication. 

One area, in particular, was massively boosted. With physical meetings out of the question, the need for efficient video conferencing and screen sharing software became essential. Let’s talk about how screen-sharing software works, what it is used for, and why your small business may benefit greatly from such software. 

What is Screen Sharing Software? 

Screen sharing is a feature that allows for greater flexibility and reaches in, for example, online meetings. When you make a video conferencing call – either from your desktop, laptop, or handheld device – you see the other participants’ faces on your screen. That’s the norm, but when it comes to screen sharing there is an added benefit. 

If you have a look at this free screen sharing app you may get a better idea of the benefits. Let’s say someone at a meeting wants to share a spreadsheet they have on their device. They switch to screen sharing mode and all those attending can now see the data, while the voice call continues.

This sort of dedicated screen sharing software allows for the sharing of mobile screens, laptop screens – in fact, any digital device with the software installed. It’s efficient, slick, and effective, and adds to the versatility of a digital video conferencing tool in allowing the screen to replace the person’s image.

How could your business benefit from screen-sharing apps? That depends on the type of business you are involved in. However, we will say that as far as smaller growing businesses are concerned screen sharing software is a must if your work involves showing team members of client’s information or images that can be brought up on the screen. Let’s talk about some examples. 


How Will Screen Sharing Software Help My Business?

The rise in demand for office tech meant video software became among the most popular in the last couple of years. Zoom and Tik Tok are just two of the popular brands that came to the fore and were largely ubiquitous. However, adding screen sharing software to a package takes the entire software to another level. 

Imagine you have a client who is in another country, and a product you want to show them in detail. You record a video, or some images, and other data, and you run it on your screen shared to theirs. It’s that easy, and it can be done in just a few seconds.

How about businesses such as personal trainers or counselors? The ability to not only talk one to one to your clients by video but also to show them documents such as progress reports that you have on your device is of major benefit. 

For businesses that has regular team meetings but are operating remotely, it is worth bearing in mind that many of the screen sharing packages come with a digital whiteboard for added versatility and more creative meetings.

Put simply, these software packages allow for a meeting held online to be managed and chaired as effectively as one in the office. Let’s finish by looking at how such software can further enhance and help improve remotely run online businesses. 

My Business Is Run Remotely – Do I Need Screen Sharing Software?

If your small business is built around remote working – and many are having found the convenience of such to be impressive during the enforced periods – then screen sharing software will be of benefit to the smooth operation of your business. 

That such tools are available free to use means you can try it out without having to pay for it. We strongly recommend you check out the one we linked to and run a search for others that may be better for your type of business. 

It will be useful for showing potential clients what you are capable of, enabling successful meetings without the complicated travel arrangements, and improving the face of your business operations by opening up communications across different media. 


This sort of tool is one that will be looked back on as something of a savior in a time of need, and also as one of many that shape the way forward for tech in business. Check out screen sharing tools now and see how they can benefit you. 

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