Cubby houses are play areas built in small, child-sized ‘houses,’ typically consisting of one room and often elevated. Generally, children play inside and around them.

During the holidays, your children will spend the majority of their time in their cubby houses. These are enjoyable activities for children, but you must exercise caution to ensure that they play safely.

Cubby houses provide children with a plethora of wonderful learning and play opportunities.


Risks and Injuries

Children may get stuck inside a cubby house if the doors are difficult to open from the inside. Their fingers may also get entangled or crushed in the gap on the hinged side of a cubby house frame.

If a cubby house or tent lacks sufficient ventilation, children may suffocate if left inside for a long period.

Children may also sustain various injuries if a cubby house or a tent is placed in an isolated or dangerous location.

The Benefit of Cubby House for Children

  • A cubby house encourages physical activity.
  • Cubby houses are an excellent place for children to engage in creative and role-playing activities. A basic cubby house, for example, can be transformed into a store, hospital, school, castle, and much more.
  • Making or constructing a simple cubby house often helps children to think creatively, and problem solve. Cubby houses promote creative play, which is essential for cognitive, mental, social, and language development.
  • Children learn to play independently. Being able to play independently means they won’t become reliant on others (or you) to keep them entertained all the time.
  • Cubbies aid in the sleep of children. Since they engage in so much physical activity and spend so much time outside, they are more likely to sleep well, which is beneficial to their overall health?
  • A cubby house can also be a safe place for children to spend time alone with their thoughts.
  • It instills a sense of gratitude. If you allow your children to keep their cubby clean, they will understand the importance of protecting what is precious to them.

5 Safety Tips

When it comes to their children, the majority of parents prioritize safety. It is extremely difficult to relinquish your children’s control and allow them to play with whatever they want.

Many of the parents around us are concerned with what toys their children play with, what they eat, and what they do with their mates.

Here Are 5 Pointers to Help You Prevent Injuries or Accidents When Playing in the Cubby House.

  1. You must make certain that the cubby house is suitable for your children. For example, you can’t allow your four-year-old child to play in a cubby house designed for eight-year-olds. You should think about the height and the type of equipment you have, such as swings and climbing nets. Check that they are safe and in good working order.
  2. You should make sure that there are boundaries in place and that your children do not have access to the surrounding road or driveways. You should also be certain that they are unable to climb on the roof. You can place your cubby house in a location where you can see what your children are doing.
  3. Make sure your cubby house is smoothly sanded so that there are no scrapes, splinters, or grazes. You can make sure that the cubby house has a soft landing field, such as grass.
  4. When building cubby houses, you can use child-friendly materials. Ensure the wood you use is arsenic-free to avoid white ant or termite infestations, which could destroy your cubby house.
  5. You should take good care of your cubby house and its surroundings, making sure to look for insects and spiders regularly. You can double-check that everything is securely fastened. To stop tripping hazards, keep your backyard tidy.
  6. Even if you design your cubby house in the best way possible, keep an eye on your children at all times. Maintain a clean garden or backyard so that your children can play comfortably in their cubby house.
  7. In the wake of the Pandemic, many have resorted to ordering cubby houses online. In regards to this, the delivered playhouse’s sanitization is essential and to be paid close attention to.

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