Taking a vacation out of the country is one of the defining experiences of most people’s lives.

Whether you are going to book a two-week trip to an African safari or finally visit the Eiffel Tower in France, there are many precautions to take and tasks to prepare before heading out on your adventure.

Getting to the country of your choice is only the first step in your travel schedule. Once you get there, you are going to have to be concerned about hotel expenses and the rules of the road in a foreign country.

God forbid, what happens if you get into a car accident while on vacation?

We’ll look at insurance with a foreign license, how to not get in an accident while parading around a city that is unrecognizable, and the health protocols for traveling overseas to faraway lands.


#1 – Decide What Insurance Your Car Will Need

Deciding whether to get an international driver’s license or stick with your homeland driver’s license is an important point to negotiate with your insurance company beforehand.

Some people will need to haggle with foreign insurance companies if they are in a different nation for an extended period. That will most likely end in you needing to get an international driver’s license to get insurance in the country you are visiting.

Whatever option you decide is best for you, take care of insurance stuff before your trip as quickly as possible. Driving without insurance is illegal in most countries that you could visit, and you don’t want to waste any time on your trip haggling with agents to get deals when you could have done it beforehand.

It is also good to think about whether you will ship your car to the country you are visiting or rent a different car once you arrive at your destination. Insurance rates can be different for these two scenarios.

#2 – Get Your Vaccinations

In 2021, it feels like the only vaccine up for discussion is the COVID-19 shot. While you must get this immunization to travel, there are several other diseases you should be vaccinated for depending on the country you are traveling to.

This is still a standard preparation procedure before any trips can take place.

The reason why getting vaccinated before vacations or business trips is needed is because there are diseases that are native to the countries we live in.

We don’t want to introduce and spread new illnesses to people in foreign lands. It also protects us from getting a disease native to the country we’re visiting.

Each country has different vaccines that are required for visitation. There is no all-encompassing list to take from. For example, if you’re going to visit Algeria, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that you get a vaccine for shingles, polio, and chickenpox, among others. Always ask your doctor for an extensive list of vaccines depending on the country.

#3 – Learn the Rules and Etiquette of the Country You’re Visiting

The most underrated way you will keep yourself and your family safe when you go on a trip to a foreign country is to look up some of the national etiquette traditions that typically are followed in the country you are arriving in.

Be polite to the people around you. Try to fit in and use the greetings that they are used to.

Many European countries are a lot more intimate in their social interactions than we are used to here in the U.S., so the locals might get offended if you don’t attempt to respect their culture during your visit.

Don’t get into an altercation with locals, as international jail time and the circumstances surrounding offenses while on a trip can get complicated and confusing for all parties involved.

These tips should all go without saying, but some folks need a gentle reminder to keep their cool and enjoy the trip, whether it is for business or pleasure.

If you have been a regular traveler throughout your life, it still is good to develop your safety habits and think about what you can do to be even more prepared in the future. If you are a first-timer, these opinions will give a good baseline of information for you to use.

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