Project free TV was one of the best projects in the past but now it has suddenly vanished in thin air. All of this happened on 24th July 2017. There are a good amount of alternatives for this application which give you some other experiences.

We Don’t Support Piracy: We don’t support or endorse piracy. This information is purely educational. We recommend that you pay for a streaming service that has legal access to the movies you want to watch online. There are a bunch of affordable options like Netflix and Hulu. It helps the creators keep coming up with great content!

Make sure that you never provide your credit card or other private details because there are a good amount of websites which will sell your data to someone illegally.


Project Free TV Mirrors

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There is a good amount of confusion which is taking place on each and every social media site. & we’re here to provide best project free tv alternatives.

Best Alternatives To Project Free TV


This application has a ton of free TV shows and movies all of which are available and the highest quality anywhere. You will be able to download each and everything offline and the great thing about this application is that you will not need to register yourself with it. You can watch series online here.

2. Cmovies

This app has a huge collection of movies and you will be able to download each and every movie you want online  free on this application. There are thousands and thousands of new movies all of which were released recently as well as released in the past. You can watch series online here.

3. CouchTuner

This application will help you get the top-rated TV shows and series in 1080 p full HD. This website is one of the best if you want to entertain yourself as the name suggests. Even though this is not the worth one in the market, there are a good amount of alternatives for this product. yea! You can watch series online here.

Here’s Coutchtuner Alternatives

4. Crackle

If all you want to do is watch a lot of Hollywood movies and eat a lot of good food then this is the application to go to for watching Hollywood movies.

This one is a no brainer if you want to go for an alternative of project free TV.

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5. FMovies

This is one of the application with you which will help you watch all the movies you want for free online. and the users will be able to watch each and every movie in 1080p high definition without any registration of providing personal details. Just open the website and you are good to go.

6. GoMovies

All you need is a data connection which has average speed and you will be able to watch all the movies easily without any cost. You can also download the movies in different qualities.

7. GoStream

This is one of the streaming applications which will help you watch the movies in high definition. You will be able to watch each and everything but there is one negative side of this application which is you will not be able to download those videos from this website. Watch series online here if you want.

8. Movies25.Me

You will be able to download each and every movie you want from this website and you can watch any movie by tapping on the play button and watch your favorite movie.

9. Movie4u

At Movie4u you will be able to watch full-length movies online free means without paying anything because it is free. Instantly stream anything you put your hands on. comfortably you can watch series online.

10. Nitler

As the name suggests this application was made by Hitler when he was alive(pun intended).  You can watch online- any series online for free. Therefore, you do not need to worry about Hitler tracking you and murdering you (pun intended(2)).

11. PopcornFlix

This is also one of the alternatives. You will be able to watch full-length series as well as movies.

12. Primewire

Watch movies without paying anything. All you need to do is register on this website and you will be able to get all the updates in your inbox.

13. ShowBox

This is one of the most downloaded applications on the internet. There are more than hundred million satisfied users of this application. We highly recommend this application if you want to download and watch any movie for TV series which you desire.

14. SolarMovie

There is a wide selection of movies which you can watch online free using this application. The positive part of this application as you do not need to provide any personal information or register in order to watch movies.

Here are Solarmovies alternatives

15. Vumoo

You will not need to make any registrations or subscribe to any email newsletters. You will be able to watch any movie and download any movie free of cost. This is one of the best alternatives you can get.


We know the names are too obvious but regardless we will still explain what this is.  there are high quality and high definition 1080p movies available.

17. Yes! Movies

There are more than 10000 free entertainment nuggest. You will also be able to watch the documentaries which are not readily available on other streaming websites.

18. YoMovies

This is one of the websites you can go to if you are a fan of 1080p high definition Bollywood Hindi movies. You will be able to watch each and every move you want to for free. There are Tollywood movies included as well. Those Tollywood movies will be dubbed in Hindi.

19. Zmovies

This website will help all the users who visit watch online high definition movies totally free of cost and the users will be able to watch each and everything without registering or providing any personal information.

20. The Movie Flixter

The majority of Pirated movie operators provide for TV shows in the USA. People, in general, are much fond of such shows. Again, they subside at times of extreme lethargy.  If the requirement is to unwind from the long day’s stress, none matches than watching an eventful movie. 

The salient Features:

  • View with an optimum HD quality picture. 
  • Registration is obligatory if the viewer is willing to enjoy unlimited shows.
  • No charges are applicable.

21. The WatchSeries

Another favorable clone of Project Free TV is the WatchSeries. We feel humored in spelling the clone of Project Free TV as we suppose that the watch online series – show was already multifaceted.

However, the site has been able to earn some reputation after the snatching of Project Free TV. People are able to watch online movies or TV shows of their preference absolutely free of cost and without registration.

The specialties

  • Be it a popular TV Show or movie, the patrons have ensured the availability of premium quality HD picture.
  • The library comprises more than 20000 different movies and TV shows – belonging to all classes and categories.

22. The 123Hulu

Like Project Free TV, advertisements never annoy the movie or TV show watchers.

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Project FREE TV: Reason Behind the shutdown

This application is illegal as well as free and that is the reason why these applications become really really big and people start using these applications.

A lot of big companies like Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services lose a good amount of income. What this leads to is that lawyers and cybercrime cells start fighting against the owners of these applications and they finally have to Resort to shut down the application and start another application which is not so popular.


There are a good amount of other applications out there but these are the best we found. If you find anything better make sure to comment and we will update this Project Free TV article accordingly.

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