Outdoor birthday parties are a fun and memorable way to get children outdoors and active in the fresh air.

If your child has an upcoming birthday and you’re looking for a cost-effective celebration that’s different from the usual indoor affair, an outdoor venue can create a birthday celebration that’s fun for adults and kids!

Whether it’s in your backyard, a quiet area of woodland, or an outdoor adventure park, here are 5 ideas for your child’s outdoor birthday party that everyone will love.


Build Your Own Hideout

A little friendly competition will challenge and excite kids to no end. Divide your party guests into smaller teams and encourage them to scour the area for branches.

Set them a challenge to build the best den or hideout possible.

To make it extra personal, give them some safe materials to give their den a team flag. This activity promotes exercise and group collaboration. Most importantly, it’s great fun!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunts

An outdoor scavenger hunt is a creative way to occupy birthday party guests while keeping them active. Challenge the children to seek out leaves or bugs in your specific outdoor area.

Include a little fact about what they’ve found to keep them learning.

If you’re basing the party around a theme, hide some extra goodies and items based on your theme to give it a little extra excitement.

Natural Obstacle Course

If you’re holding your outdoor birthday party in a wooded area then you already have a custom-made assault course for kids.

With some preparation, you can plan a very fun and safe obstacle course full of puddles, branches, and other things to leap under and over.

If your party is during the winter season or there’s a chance of rain, be sure to mention in the invitations that kids may want to dress casual or bring some spare clothes.

Preparation and Theme

If you’re choosing a specific party theme, why not prepare for the big day by making it part of the entire birthday party experience?

Instead of party bags full of plastic toys, try to fill them with fun and educational goodies that give them a better understanding of the great outdoors.

Better yet, give guests a pre-party bag that includes a magnifying glass or some nature stationery, as well as a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

If the theme is outdoors, why not encourage guests to dress up as woodland creatures or in camouflage?

Find the perfect venue

If you’re looking to host a memorable outdoor birthday party that kids will love, we offer adventurous rope courses, fun bridge crossing challenges and zip lines.

Our safe and exciting climbing activities will create a memorable day for your children, and you don’t have to be an expert climber to enjoy yourself!

Choose from five color-coded trails and explore the world below from the trees.

Our outdoor birthday events are fun, safe, and educational, for the perfect birthday experience that’s kind to the wallet and the environment!

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