Portugal is arguably one of the world’s most fascinating countries. It is rich with history and tradition, with many of these being experienced on a global scale. Of course, the role of colonization played a huge role, with the Portuguese Empire being formed in the 15th Century being highly influential. The country invaded large parts of South America and Africa, and it was one of the longest-lived empires in European history before its dismantling.

Naturally, the influence that it had during those times has helped to shape the way that many countries are today. Those norms and cultural ideas have been taken and adapted to suit their own ways, but things like the language that is used still exist.

As a result, the Portuguese language is one of the most spoken around the globe, with it estimated that there are approximately 260 million native speakers. For those who want to take a journey and visit a Portuguese-speaking country, learning the dialect can be highly beneficial and, in some instances, rather crucial if they want to improve the journey of living the lifestyle that can be enjoyed.

Of course, many may feel that learning the language can be a daunting prospect and something that is overwhelming. However, with online Portuguese courses now available to enjoy and utilize, the learning process has become easier than ever. Students are able to learn at their own pace and gain help from tutors who are native to the language. This can help to make studying more enjoyable, as it is more engaging and interactive.

How Can Learning Portuguese Help Improve Living the Lifestyle?

You might be wondering how learning Portuguese can help you to live the lifestyle, especially as the world is more connected than ever before. There are large expat communities in the countries that speak the language, while English speakers are perhaps fortunate that most of the world looks to learn their dialect in order to communicate.

Although many may be able to communicate with their words, there are certain aspects of the lifestyle and cultures that may not always be possible to understand without the use of the language and its vernacular. It can help individuals not native to the region to enjoy certain elements that they may not be privy to if they are unable to speak to each other.

Naturally, the major benefit is from a social point of view. People who can communicate in the language will find it easier to form personal relationships with others. They will have fewer barriers when trying to talk with one another, as they will be able to have a greater understanding. Confusion can still arise when learning, but this is normal, and a native speaker will certainly value and appreciate the effort that is being shown.

Learning a language is much more than just the words that are involved. Language learning can give an insight into the culture that is enjoyed in those regions. At the same time, it can also highlight certain traits and behaviors that might not be as commonly witnessed elsewhere. Certain hand gestures or other gestures made with other body parts may mean something completely different in a Portuguese-speaking country than they do in a person’s home. It is not uncommon for something that is seen as a positive in one place to then be considered a negative or an insult in another.

Lifestyle choices can also be enhanced by acquiring knowledge of the language. While it is predominately about the words that are used, a degree of exposure is also possible to achieve about certain ways of life and aspects that can help to improve it.

For instance, learning the language can lead to exposure to certain food dishes. Portuguese cuisine is a delight to the senses. The country has a unique way of preparing seafood with garlic, herbs, and a lot of olive oil. Traditional plates such as Bacalhau (salted cod) and cozido à portuguesa (a variety of meats, vegetables, and beans boiled together) are simply delicious and are worth discovering through local restaurants. Also, learning some local expressions or learning to cook Portuguese meals will broaden the experience, as it provides a deeper understanding of the customs.

It can also lead to the acknowledgment of certain entertainment activities. As mentioned already, Portuguese-speaking countries are typically rich in history, with the Portuguese Empire having played a significant part in how the world looks. Learning the language can help people to learn these stories and then enjoy certain lifestyle activities based on them. It can also help them to understand TV shows, films, and music that emanate from these regions, too. They can provide unique experiences that other cultures and languages are unable to replicate.

Final Thoughts

Language learning can be an enthralling journey that brings many rewards, helping those involved improve their lifestyle choices once immersed.

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