Spending even an ordinary birthday is associated with the anticipation of joy. People always expect something special from their milestone birthdays, so it is important to find exciting ideas for anniversaries.


1. Let’s Get To Know Each Other Better

Personality is always multifaceted; even with a long and close acquaintance, it is impossible to know everything about a person. An excellent idea for an anniversary can be an immersion of guests in the hobby or profession of the birthday person through a master class.

2. Photoshoot

An anniversary is an excellent occasion for a photo shoot. It can be ordinary (just shooting with family members, friends, and colleagues) or costume, when participants are offered clothes or accessories of a certain era or country. You can also make your photoshoot formal or informal, decorating the venue with wholesale qualatex balloons and creating a warm atmosphere.

3. Diving in Childhood

Every adult remembers how fun it was to celebrate birthdays in childhood, and sure will be glad to return those emotions ― try to hold an anniversary with games stylized as the kids’ entertainment. For example, you can guess what’s in the box, make toys out of sticks, and treat yourself to a nitrogen, soft, or fried ice cream station.

4. Journey to the Future

Everyone sometimes wants to peek into their own future, if only in jest. That’s why the holiday will include an astrologist’s predictions, master classes on making the perpetual calendar, creating amulets and a charm, and drawing cards with wishes of the birthday boy for his future birthdays.

5. Art Party

Art-format anniversary party options range from classic painting on canvas or creating watercolors to modern fine art trends: graffiti, centrifugal drawing, ebru, and spray paint. And then there are interesting handmade techniques of decoupage, quilling, painting on fabric and glass. Hold an art party with wine to combine the holiday mood and creative impulses.

6. Ethic Party

Folk traditions are a treasure trove of ideas for an anniversary party. Organize exotic entertainment, such as a Hawaiian party or a mehendi master class. No less interest will cause a celebration in the Slavic style. A culinary master-class or a bartender show on preparing national dishes and drinks will be a successful addition to the artistic part.

7. Fantasy Party

A fantasy universe with elements of magic, folklore, and mythology is a wonderful concept for an anniversary. The guests themselves can create the necessary entourage and mood if you offer them master classes on making costumes from foil and creating magic boxes. And the invited aqua makeup artist will turn everyone present into the heroes of a magical story.

8. Life Picture

The events of the birthday person’s life can be reflected in a standard picture, which the guests will draw. Each group (children, relatives, fellow students, colleagues, neighbors) creates separate fragments and then puts them into a single large-scale canvas.

9. Laser Tag

The jubilee will surely be thrilled to become the commander in chief of the battle. Teams for laser tag can be formed based on an acquaintance in different years, kinship, or other criteria.

10. Country Party

It will be possible to spend an interesting anniversary even in the birthday person’s country house. For example, you can decorate the fence with graffiti, make eco-gifts, collect berries and make delicious jam.

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