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How to fight jevil – The Jevil is the secret optional boss in Deltarune. And Chapter 1 is mention you have to find him at the bottom of Card Castle and locked in a cell.

Otherwise, you need to enter the room labeled to talk to him. Then, if you want to fight him, you have to understand how to beat jevil. Here, you need to collect three broken keys and then fix them.


How to Beat Jevil in Deltarune?

Foremost, you have to reach the castle and get the party back together before finding the Jevil in Deltarune. Here, you have to find a secret basement level from the castle elevator, which is labeled with question marks. Now, you have to go to the basement and see a mysterious figure locked up.

Furthermore, Are Jevil is harder than sans? Sans is a harder one and it is no contest. Even, it is not even close. However, Jevil is complex, and so sans is an option.

How to Get Broken Keys in Deltarune?

Once you get all three pieces of the key, you have to take them to the smith in the forest bake sale. The smith can repair them for you and giving you the key that helps to reach the secret boss.

What to Do When You Fight Jevil?

For overcoming Jevil, the party is given either the Jevilstail like armor +1 Defense, +2 Attack and +2 Magic) and if pacified or the Devilsknife, the weapon (axe) is +4 Magic, +5 Attacks, and Rude Buster: -10 TP cost if overcome through violence.

Where to Fight Jevil?

As mentioned above, the Jevil is a secret optional boss in deltarune!! Chapter 1 says you have to find him at the bottom of Card Castle and locked in a cell. Otherwise, you need to arrive at the room labeled “????”. If you want to fight him, you have to recognize how to beat jevil. First, you need to gather three broken keys and then fix them.

Is It Possible to Kill K Round?

Suppose, if the party’s damage is altered by external means, it is possible to “kill” K. Round. And knocking it backs much like C. Round, by out damaging. However, it does not generate any additional interchange or alter the story, as it is not supposed to happen.

Who Is Jevil in Deltarune?

Before the Deltarune, the jevil are in the court of card castle that is mention as friend with seam, as well as the court of a magician. It is act together for a king for one-day jevil met the knight. It is because the jevil are met the knight having descended into insanity.

Where Can You Find the Shopkeeper in Deltarune?

The seam is the first shopkeeper in the game, which you can find in the field.

What Does Glowshard Do in Deltarune?

Additional Uses

The Glowshard are used in the battle to allow for a Rudinn to be spared. Unfortunately, it disappears in the process. Faithful to the battle text, it can be sold for 100 D$ at Seam’s or Rouxls Kaard’s shops.

Are Jevil a Secret Boss?

Jevil is the secret boss, which can be a play on the words devil and jester. According to the game’s theme of cards, Jevil is based on the Joker card, which appears to be a jester.

Is It Probable to Spare Jevil?

To spare him, you have to tire Jevil by ACTing and Pacify with Ralsei. Hypnosis costs are 50 TP, and it takes the entire party’s turn, best depleting Jevil and declining his damage for the turn. To make Jevil tried to Pacify, you have to use hypnosis on him at least ten times.

How to You Do the Jevil Voice?

Ways to create the jevil voice

  1. Duplicate the track, and you can do this by highlighting the audio and pressing ctrl + d.
  2. Shift the second track, and it makes a funky dissonance between the two ways, which is very jevil sounding.
  3. Use dblue crusher for both audio tracks and smears dblue crusher!
  4. Apply reverb. Just slap on reverb and you can do it now!

Whose Voice Is Acted in Jevil?

It is not him, but Revtrosity has a good jevil voice.

How Tall Is Jevil Deltarune?

It comes around 3 feet tall.

Where Does the Star Not Shine in Deltarune?

Now, you have to go to the bottom left corner of the screen, and then you can find the hidden path to the south. Here you can find it easily.

How to Get Top of Deltarune Cake?

The Top Cake is an item that can be attained from the smith Malius to fix the Broken Cake. The Top Cake restores 160HP to every party member, and it is making the best healing item available in Chapter 1.

How to Beat Undyne the Undying?

If you want to know how to beat undyne in genocide Run, you can get it. If you focus on the Genocide route, you have no choice but to kill every creature. Undyne the Undying is a similar one, and she won’t go down without a fight. Before you try to kill her, you have to make sure you stock up on healing items.

How to Get Everybody Weapon Deltarune?

Everybody Weapon is a new weapon that can get in the game files. It gives +6 DF, +12 AT and +8 Magic. And it can be equipped by any party member.

How to Get a Secret Boss in Deltarune?

For this, you have to Go back downstairs and talk to the jail bars!! When using the option. You can use the Prison Key. A door on the bars will open now and grant, and you can access the secret boss. There is saves the point which you want to use. It is because this boss is the most brutal enemy in Deltarune.

Where Can You Get the Keys for the Prisoner?

Stage 1: ‘Fortnite’ Prisoner Skin Key Locations you have to find!! Here How to Unlock All 4

Stage 2: Go to the library or study area, which is located inside the Polar Peak castle. The key are presently sitting on the table.

Stage 3: Light the environmental campfire on a hill north of Paradise Palms.

Stage 4: Land at a spot between Wailing Woods and the Block

Is It Possible to Pay Undertale Before Deltarune?

If you want to play Undertale before Deltarune, you don’t HAVE to, but Undertale is a good game even you are already spoiled or you’ll like the other and if you like one. So if you want, play Undertale.


Try to utilize it once after getting the clarification. Then, if you want, you have to learn how to fight jevil. Then you can understand everything easily by yourself.

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