The snow baby figurines that many department stores and gift shops have been selling for years might be recognisable to you. Depending on the model and its condition, the cost of these collectible figurines and ornaments, which feature newborns in various winter and Christmas settings, ranges from less than $10 to more than $100. Price lists for these decorations are available on Department 56, Young’s Ltd., and eBay. Each year, snowbabies are brought into the world and then retired. Particularly if the original box is still accessible, retired models are frequently very valuable.

In 1986, Department 56, a Minnesota-based manufacturer of collectibles, launched the first batch of Snowbabies. Since Snowbaby collectors have existed from the beginning, the retirement of rare and unusual designs has greater significance for dedicated collectors.


Figurines of the first snow babies

According to Carouselgifts, the ancestors of today’s Snowbabies were developed in the 1890s as reusable cake toppers by German confectioner Johann Moll. They were modelled after the sugar dolls that were used as Christmas decorations in the early nineteenth century. The first producers were Hertwig and Company, but soon other German porcelain firms began making figurines that were similar to theirs.

Snowbabies were referred to as “Alaska Tots” in a 1914 catalogue. These wonderful one and three quarter inch figures cost 90 cents a dozen back then. Depending on the stance, each of these increasingly hard to obtain artefacts currently costs between $50 and $100.

Traditional Snowbabies

All Snowbabies that aren’t a part of any other special collections, such as common figurines, music boxes, and water globes, are included in Department 56’s traditional Snowbabies collection. The first snow babies kicked off the legendary collection, which is still going strong today. “Christmas Caravan” from 2006 is only one example. Keep your classic Snowbaby; it might be worth much more in a few years than it is now.

Snowbaby ornaments in miniature

Some of the tiniest ornaments the firm has ever made are little Snowbabies. 1998 saw the start of production, which ended in 2004. These figurines, which were often introduced each year around the holidays, had an ivory ribbon with the word “Snowbabies” stitched on it in gold or silver thread. Each mini-Snowbaby was especially created to represent a feeling of love, companionship, or inspiration and is frequently hung as a tree ornament using the ribbon. Currently, the average price of a small Snowbaby is $35.87.

The most coveted snow babies

From the perspective of a collector, the oldest and most prized Snowbabies were expertly crafted in Germany in small numbers. For instance, compared to figurines made later in Japan and other countries, those made by Heubach often have more lifelike faces. Furthermore, Snowbabies with blue snow are more rare than those with animals, Santa Claus, or “snow” porcelain crumbs, making them more precious. Despite not being authentic Snowbabies in the brand sense, these collectibles are frequently promoted as such and grouped together in displays because of their similarity. These can occasionally be far more valuable than their brand-name relatives.

Value of Snow Baby Over Time

Maybe you’re wondering if the value of brand-new snowbabies will increase over time. Modern figurines are frequently only worth the money paid for them because only other collectors are interested in them; they are mass-produced and marketed only as collectibles. Limited figurines created in smaller production runs and unique collectible figurines that could appeal to different types of collectors are another option.

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