Press the Mode button until the time display appears to set the time on an Armitron Pro Sport watch. Keep the Mode button depressed until the alarm display shows, and then release it. To access the screen where the time is set, press Mode once again. Release the Alarm button after selecting between a 12- and 24-hour clock using the Mode button.

Release the Adjust button after selecting either the American or European calendar format using the Mode button.

Use the Alarm button to set the seconds to zero, then press the Adjust button to access the minutes feature. Press and hold the Alarm button until the minutes are set properly. Press Adjust to access the hours feature, and then press Alarm to select the desired hour.

Set the date and weekday by pressing Alarm and Adjust on the Armitron Pro Sport watch. To save, press Mode.

The Armitron Pro Sport watch’s calendar can be accessed at any moment by depressing the Adjust button. When the button is released, the display automatically returns to the time display. The chronometer on the watch can be accessed with a single press of the Mode button. The Adjust button begins and stops the chronometer, but the Alarm button resets the entire device. Return to the time display by pressing the Mode button again.

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