On the H&R Block website, you can view your reloadable Emerald Prepaid MasterCard balance and transaction history. Before accessing account information, users must register and authenticate their accounts by email on the Emerald Online website. You can also check the balance and transaction history of your H&R Block Emerald card by calling 1-866-353-1266. You may remain on the line to speak with a representative, notwithstanding the automated system’s recommendation that you use one of the previously stated alternatives. Be ready to offer your emerald card number and other identifying details.

Once an online account has been created, signing in to the Emerald Card website displays the current card balance and any recent activity on the Emerald Card Dashboard. It also offers the ability to view statements for the preceding twelve months in PDF or Excel format. The Emerald Prepaid MasterCard can be reloaded rapidly by transferring funds from a linked checking account. There are also online instructions for setting up direct deposits for payroll or government cheques.

Eliminating the need for Internet access, cardholders can configure text messages to be sent to their phone whenever transactions occur. Once this capability is activated, texting “BAL” to the company at 58084 will always provide a current balance. It cannot function otherwise. This will allow you to check the balance on your emerald card, monitor your spending, and identify potential fraud.

In addition, there is a mobile banking application that may be used to check emerald card balances and expenditures in addition to paying invoices. Monitoring your Emerald card’s account activity and loading funds directly from checks. This application is compatible with Apple and Android handsets.

Calling the customer support number on the back of the card is another free option if the internet, text, and mobile app options are unavailable. While on the phone, you can also request that up to twelve months of your transaction history be mailed to you. Despite the fact that balance queries using an ATM are available, they incur fees.

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