Have you decided on your outfit to wear on your first date? If no, then you’ve come to the right place to know exactly what you should wear.

Wearing a perfect and suitable outfit is the dilemma that most people are trying to solve for many years. Our readers asked us about it on several occasions.

When we come to decide the dress for our first date, especially men, experience the first date wardrobe panic.

When you dress up in a good manner, she understands you take her feelings seriously. Your first date could lead to the major commitment of your life.

Although it is a little easy as compared to women when a man comes to putting together a dress. But some ways can overwhelm men. Which is why wearing something at the last moment before you head out the door could be a blunder.

So what’s a man to do? Don’t panic; we have come up with fashion rules that can make you look stylish and impressive. Below are some style rules that will prove helpful to choose an outfit for your date.


1. Consider to Wear the  Right Size of Your Outfit

The first thing every man should consider before selecting an outfit for a date is the right fit. Money does not matter that you spend on an outfit. The thing that matters is how well it fits on your body. Wearing a loose or large size can destroy your overall look. Wearing an extra tight size or loose can make you uncomfortable. When one wears the right size, it automatically feels confident. So whenever you go to buy a new dress, make sure to buy your own size.

2. Pay Attention to Minor Details

Sometimes you overlook the minor details, but may your partner not. So consider each detail before you leave home. Make sure everything of your look is on point. This means brushing away each piece of lint, iron out wrinkle crease, and open the right amount of buttons on your shirt. In this way, you are more likely to impress your loved ones.

3. Dos and Don’ts When You Come to Style

Every man has a different preference and taste when he comes to style. There are some rules that you should keep in mind before leaving your house.


Wear a Watch: If there is a thing you should wear on your first date is a nice watch. Wearing a nice watch does not mean you have to wear expensive. If you’re going for a dressy dinner wear a watch with a metallic strap. For casual meet up you can opt sporty version.

Neutral or Dark Colors: Choose white, grey, black, or navy colors because it will allow your partner to focus on your conversation and especially on you rather than what you’re wearing. These colors keep your whole look sophisticated and grounded.

Dress Shirts: Do you think wearing T-Shirts on your date is a good idea? Although it is good for a casual meet-up but when you’re going to propose your love lady make sure to dress decently. Wearing a dress shirt on your first date will leave a positive impact on her. If you are looking for a slim fit with a beautifully textured dress shirt, then The Goban from Nimble Made is the best option.


  • Don’t wear a hoodie when you have to go on your first date. It is good enough to wear hoodies everywhere except first date.
  • Avoid to wear tie. Ties can feel bit serious or stuffy that is why it is good enough to leave them in the wardrobe.

I hope you liked our suggestions and also do let us know your favorite thing to do on your first date.

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