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Gaming Write for us Guest Post Submission are now Accepted – Are you a passionate gaming blog writer? Are you currently looking for a platform that you can use for posting up your guest posts? If yes, this post is going to serve you with the best. Creating a blog and adding some quality content is something that we do care about. If you have the skills then we are going to provide you the opportunities that can help you in driving more traffic towards your blog.

We are extremely thankful for showing up your interest to contribute to this platform. We believe in quality writing and if you own the qualities of writing up unique quality content, you are more than welcome here.

To quickly submit your guest post opportunity, you can email us at

Guest posting will not only support your blog or website only but will also help us in covering a wide range of topics. It is the way we can vast up our limits and can share unique information with our readers as well.

Moreover, this blog will also provide you an opportunity to provide wide exposure to your blog or website also. We are currently serving as one of the leading gaming blogs at this moment and are already having different social media channels into our account. One thing that we can ensure you at this moment is that this blog is going to provide great SEO benefits for your blog or website also.

The number of guest posts requests to be posted at our blog is quite huge, but we are quite picky as per selection measures. We don’t allow everyone to publish their guest posts at gaming Write for Us.

If you are eager to publish your guest post here, make sure that your content is following up with the detailed guidelines for guest posts.


Who Can Write for Our Blog?

As the name describes it well, Gaming Write for Us is a game-specific blog. We are here providing the guest posting opportunity for all those who are experienced in this niche and are ready to provide high-quality unique content from various topics.

There are no such restrictions other than that of sticking to this niche only. Whether you are a beginner or a professional writer, you are welcome here if you can provide some unique and best content on this niche. Sticking up with the guidelines is quite necessary.

If you are willing to write up for money, we request you not to send your content here. It is a guest post and we are not going to pay anything here. We would also like to mention one thing here and that is we do not authorize promotions of our competitor’s blogs here.

Why Should You Write for Us?

We need to resolve all of the queries before proceeding further with any product or services. If you are going to write to us, you will better need to know why you are doing this. We are topmost rankers of the gaming niche at this moment. We very well understand the requirements of our readers and that’s why friendly blogs comes up with great informational and SEO for them. We take very keen care of each section of our blog, whether it is about writing or managing SEO so that we could reach up to a wide range of audiences globally.

We are consistently having huge traffic on our blog every month. We take extreme care over the research part and make sure that only a well-researched and information content is publishing at our blog only.

Working up with a platform like us is going to promote your work on a wider scale and it will ultimately affect the traffic towards your website also. The presence of authoritative links on our blog will work magically for improving the SEO of your blog also. It is just the opportunity that will help you in improving your business to the next level just by putting on very little effort by your side.

Spending time on writing high-quality unique contents on thegaming niche will not only help us but it will fasten up the limits of your blog or website also. We are putting up here some benefits that will help you in solving out your queries a little more.

Quality Traffic and Instant Exposure to Targeted Audience in Gaming Niche

Being a blogger, you might be well aware of the need for traffic towards your website or blog. It is the sole of your blog or website that keeps it alive throughout. A smaller interruption in between can ruin your blogging experience. One need to apply quick and effective measures to take care of the traffic towards their blog and creating up high-quality unique content is just the starting phase for that. People will automatically start showing up interest in your blog if they are finding something interesting over it.

Improve Search Result Rankings and Domain Authority for Your Gaming Blog

Guest posting is also one of the most successful and effective ways of improving search engine authority for your domain name. Backlinks help a lot in this section. Getting up some beneficial backlinks from one of the most popular blogs will ultimately improve the SEO of your blog or website. And the best thing is that the benefits not only will remain limited to a single page only but they will ultimately affect the overall performance of your entire blog as well. Your blog will work magically on different search engine and its indexing will also improve a lot here.

Build Your Online Influence and helps you to Expand your Personal Network in Gaming Niche

We are currently serving as one of the renowned gaming blogs of the online world and posting your guest posts here will provide you the chance of meeting up with the most popular bloggers or your niche globally. We allow here to put on your author profile along with your guest post here and that will help you in getting popular among the huge audience. More will be the number of people reads your author profile more are the chances of getting familiar.

It helps you Increase your Social Media Followers

As we have mentioned to you earlier that we use different social media channels for improving the SEO of our blog, writing guest posts for us will help you in gaining more followers and subscribers into your account.

Types of Content Accepted for Gaming Write for Us Submission

Our blog is mainly known for serving unique and high-quality content. We believe in serving our readers with a fully researched, informational, unique content only. Publishing plagiarised or spun articles are something that we strictly are against on. Writing is not about sharing up information with the readers only, but it is an art that you can use for keeping your thoughts, ideas, and information, in a very unique and effective way towards your audience. Articles with 90% uniqueness are only eligible to be published here.

Moreover, we are strictly against posting up any kind of product comparison or press release in this blog. So, make sure that the content you are willing to publish here is perfectly following up on these guidelines. You are free to check and write upon a wide range of contents from theGaming niche.

Writers are free to send their guest posts in terms of guest post pitches only. Moreover, they can attach their guest post pitch along with the draft also for making the approval process bit faster.

Topic Suggestions for You Guest Post

We appreciate the quality and unique writing. We are consistently receiving several guest posts requests regularly but we are quite strict on selection measures. We allow writers to provide content on a wide range of topics from the Gaming niche. If you are not getting an idea, here are some suggestions that will lead the game for you.

  • How to make money through gaming?
  • Things you need to know about gaming
  • Leading gaming trends of the market
  • Games that will make your life better

We just have mentioned up some ideas for you above, and you don’t need to strictly consider those.

We already are having a wide range of gaming content at our Gaming Write for Us blog and if you are having confusions in mind, you can refer those contents also.

Gaming Write for us Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • Accepted formats: All those formats that we can easily launch copy-paste at our blog are welcome here. You can use multiple formats to send your guest posts such as Google Docs, Word Document, PowerPoint Presentation, Dropbox papers and much more. The only thing that you need to care about here is not to use any kind of protected file here.
  • Point of Submission: The interested writers can easily send their content through email to us. If you have guest posts being written on Google Docs, you can add the link for the same in the email also.
  • Formatting the Post: A well written and formatted guest postis only be considered for publishing here. You need to add an introduction and conclusion part as necessary segments along with suitable headings and subheadings for the same as well. The usage of bullet points or numbering is strictly recommended if essential.
  • Editing Information: We own the right to editing your guest posts here. We usually follow that part if we find some grammatical errors, spelling errors or format errors in the content. Moreover, we can also change the headings or subheadings as well if found not suiting as per our audience.
  • Self-Promo: We appreciate the hard work of writers and are providing here a chance to grow with us. We allow writers to submit their author bio along in addition to guest posts so that people can learn to know about you, your writing, website, social media profiles and other services through it.

How to Submit an Article to Us?

You can easily send your guest posts to us through emails. To fasten up the entire process, we appreciate the submission of guest posts pitching with or without the draft.

The chances of approval of your guest post are quite higher if you are strictly following up on the guidelines of our blog.

To quickly submit your guest post opportunity, you can email us at

Final Stroke:

We have provided above the detailed guidelines for the guest posts to be published on our blog. I hope you have well understood those.

Due to the involvement of several guest posts requests regularly, it is quite evident that it can take some time to review your guest post. An average of three days is required for reviewing your guest posts.

We usually notify the writers about approval through emails. So, Guys! If you can write up some amazing content, you are welcome here to showcase your skills.  And that’s a wrap for Gaming Write for us guest posts guidelines! Happy Blogging!