Is there any place where water damage is possible? The answer is probably “No” for the majority of us. The kitchen cabinets in your homes are especially prone to water damage easily, and it can occur due to multiple reasons like leaking faucets, burst or leaking pipes, spilled drinks, etc. 

The cabinets in your homes are made of wooden layers that can easily absorb the water and get weakened with time. MDF starts crumbling once it comes in contact with moisture. If you leave this problem unresolved, mold growth can happen, eventually spreading in all directions.

Repair and restoration are the only way to tackle this damage. It is recommended that you take the help of professionals, but you can also try yourself to repair the cabinets. There are different ways in which you can do water damage restoration in your home:


1. Locating the Damage Caused to the Cabinet

Firstly, you need to inspect the condition of the cabinets. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may even have to hire experts to help you with the job.

For proper inspection, you need to remove each thing from the cabinet, and you should check the corners, hinges, and the firmness of the wood. After the inspection, you need to check the dampness of the wood to dry it out through a dehumidifier or a thick towel.

2. Check Out the Source of the Water Damage.

After emptying the cabinet, you can easily find the most damaged areas. Damaged cabinets can indicate a burst or leaking pipe inside the walls, and excessive humidity can also cause water damage to your cabinets.

You must find out the exact source of the damage as quickly as possible before repairing it. 

The problem can be with the pipes or with the faucets. In the case of lines, you can call for a plumber or any other professional to fix it properly and ensure its durability. You can also set it, but it would not last long.

3. Reparation Process of the Damaged Cabinets

After you are aware of the source of the water damage, it is easy to find the solution. Most of the time, replacing the damaged parts of the cabinet or fixing the damage is only required to solve the problem. 

But sometimes, when the water damage is severe, and the wooden layers of the cabinets get separated or splintered, you need to apply some carpenter’s glue and a clamp to join the layers. It would make your cabinets new and more robust. In another case, if your cabinets are made of particleboard and not of solid wood, the repair process becomes highly complex.

When moisture comes into contact with particleboard, it starts crumbling rather than separating layers. Total replacement is recommended in this situation. It can cost you more, but it might be the only solution you can consider.

After the process of reparation of the structural damage, you might need to repaint or redesign your cabinets to give them a fresh look.

Precautions to Avoid Water Damage

If you do not want any water damage to your cabinets again in the future, you can follow certain precautions. These precautions would save you money, time, and energy. They are as follows:

1. Avoid Spills

Generally, the cabinets are not water-resistant, and thus you need to take seriously even the minor spills which take place. The chances of getting damaged are pretty high, and you must clean any spill that takes place, and avoiding it can lead to further repercussions. The wood absorbs the moisture if it is left for a longer time. 

2. Inspect Your Cabinet Frequently.

If you keep a check on the cabinets from time to time, you will be saved from future trouble. A closer inspection would help you find any problems. It is advisable to check the cabinets thoroughly at least once a month so that you can go for water damage restoration instantly.

3. Avoid Over-cleaning

If your cabinets have dirt or any mold and are cleaning it, make sure you don’t clean them in excess. More water can cause damage to your cabinets. Wiping it can be a proper way of cleaning. If the cabinets have a severe mold problem, you can call for professionals to clean them. 

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