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Love to write some unique stuff on Fitness? Are you looking forward to a platform that can help in improving traffic towards your blog? If yes, Fitness Write for Us is going to be a great platform to showcase your skills.

We are here going to provide you different things that will help you a lot in approving your guest post on this blog.

Before going further, we would like to thank you for showing up your interest in this platform. We can ensure one thing here and that is huge traffic and potential readers for your blog.

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One thing that we can’t deny it this moment is the need for creative writers who can provide some quality content for our blog.

It is quite evident to have the quality of unique content with absolute information, after all, it is the secret behind the success of every blog.

The guest posts are going to be quite beneficial for both of us.

We are going to have a wide range of quality content for our blog now and being a writer, you are going to have the opportunity the exposing your content among thousands of users globally.

We are currently serving as one of the fastest-growing blogs in the market. We believe in go with the flow and prefer to choose different social media channels to make our work more effective.

Writing guest posts for our blog is going to bring you some amazing SEO benefits for your blog as well.

We are quite strict at making a selection for guest posts to be published on.

If you are finding our blog an interesting platform to showcase your talent, just make sure to follow up on the given guidelines perfectly.


Who Can Write for Our Blog?

Fitness Write for Us blog is specified to fitness niche only. So, if you are about to write guest posts for our blog, make sure that these are restricted to this niche only.

We appreciate the hard work of every write, despite the thing that how experienced they are. We will accept all those guest’s posts that we find interesting and seems to be following our guidelines perfectly.

This is going to be a guest post by your side and that’s why expecting money in response to that will not be considered at all. We appreciate the hard work of our competitors but don’t appreciate posting their guest posts here also.

Why Should You Write for Us?

If you are going to write guest posts for some blog, it gets quite evident you are having descriptive information about it. We are currently serving as one of the leading fitness blogs in the market.

We try to provide SEO friendly informative blogs to our readers and that is one of the reasons we are having a wide range of readers globally.

Every blog has some idea behind it and we are also having the same. We believe in delivering unique and informative content to our readers and for ensuring that we put on a lot of hard work and time by our side as well.

Each of the content being published here is thoroughly researched and checked so that our readers could have a masterpiece only.

This blog is going to provide you a great opportunity to expand your audience for your blog or website through guest posts. It is just a suitable way you can showcase your skills and promote your work among a huge number of people across the world.

As we work hard on the SEO side of our blog as well, it is going to help you in scoring up your blog or website as well. The authoritative backlinks we provide here will work for you and will help you in growing up your business to the next level.

Here we are going to provide some benefits for posting your guest post on our blog. I hope it will help you a lot in understanding the entire scenario in a better way.

Quality Traffic and Instant Exposure to Targeted Audience in Fitness Niche

The faith of any website or blog depends upon the traffic it is having regularly. More will be the consistent traffic will it have for a longer duration; longer will your website or blog will survive. So, it gets quite necessary that you are having active traffic on your blog regularly. And the thing that can help you in sustaining it easily is Quality Content. If you are having some interesting and informative content on your blog, the chances are quite higher than you will get higher traffic on it.

Improve Search Result Rankings and Domain Authority for your Fitness Blog

Search engine authority for a domain name is another wonderful thing that you can easily acquire through guest posting. Backlinks work as great support here and especially when you are driving those from some popular blogs. The best thing for acquiring backlinks from popular blogs is that the benefits not only will support a single page of your blog or website only. But in fact, they are going to affect the entire SEO of your website also.

Build Your Online Influence and helps you to Expand your Personal Network in Fitness Niche

The best thing about posting your guest posts at our blog is the chance of meeting up with the most popular bloggers of Fitness. Writing up a unique and informative guest post along with your author profile will help readers in knowing about your name, and your content on different websites or blogs. And that is further going to help you in improving the audience towards your blog or website as well.

It helps you Increase your Social Media Followers

As we have mentioned to you earlier that we are active on different social media channels also, posting content here will help you in driving more followers and subscribers towards your blog as well.

Types of Content Accepted for Fitness Write for Us Submission

Uniqueness, informative, and high quality are the major attributes we are looking forward to having in each of the content going to be published here.

We don’t approve or appreciate any kind of piracy and are strictly against publishing any kind of spun content at our blog. So, if you are willing to approve your guest posts here, make sure that they are perfectly passing the given criteria.

Try to create about 90% of unique content and make sure to consider different websites before wiring up the final content. Moreover, if you are willing to publish any kind of press release of product comparison content here, better be stay away from it. We welcome writers with creative ideas, uniqueness and appreciate if they know writing on a wide range of topics from the fitness niche.

You don’t need to send your entire guest posts at once. You can send the guest posts pitches to us and if required you can send the guest post draft along with that also.

Topic Suggestions for You Fitness Write for us Guest Post

We are quite strict at the quality measures of content and try to spend a lot of time usually focusing those also. We usually receive several requests for guest posts to be published on our blog. But surely, we don’t prefer all. We are quite picky at selection measures and tries to extract the best one in the series only.

You are free here to write on a wide range of topis strictly restricted to Fitness niche only. We are here providing you some suggestions that will help you in extracting some ideas about the same.

We just have put on some ideas for our Fitness Write for Us blog only. You are free to choose any of the above or something else from the same niche. If you are still having confusions, you can kindly check our blog and get the ideas from there as well.

Guest Post Submission Guidelines

  • Accepted formats: All kinds of content formats that we can easily copy-paste our site’s editor is heartedly welcome here. We appreciate content coming most probably in Google Doc, Word Document, PowerPoint Presentations, Dropbox papers, and other formats. Before sending it for final revision, make sure that the final is not being protected.
  • Point of Submission: You are free to submit your content through email. If you are using Google Docs for writing, you can easily share the link for the same with us as well.
  • Formatting the Post: The content you are about to submit needed to be perfectly formatted. It should include introduction, conclusion, headings, and subheadings as essential formats. And the usage of numbering and bullet points is highly recommended if necessary.
  • Editing Information: We owe here the right for editing your article as well. As it is going to be published at our blog, we are free to check out the spelling errors, grammatical errors and formats if they are perfectly matching our criteria or not. We can change the headings and subheadings of the given guest posts as well if we find them inappropriate as per the content.
  • Self-Promo: We are providing here a chance for you to grow with us. Being an author, you are free to submit your bio along with the guest post so that people can easily get to know about you, your website, social media profiles and other services with the help of attached links.

How to Submit an Article to Us?

We are here providing you a very user-friendly interface to work on. You can easily send your guest post pitching and then can further decide about the final content. You can even send the content along with the guest post pitch as well if you find it necessary.

We will like to publish your guest post here if we find it perfectly suiting the given guidelines and on a quality basis.

To quickly submit your guest post opportunity, you can email us at

Final Stroke:

You have thoroughly gone through the guidelines for our guest post now. We usually receive several guest post requests on a daily basis and we are quite strict and selection measures.

It might take sometimes two or three days for the final review same.

The writers of the selected fitness write for us guest posts are usually being notified through the emails. So, Guys! Enjoy the world of blogging and expand your limits by approaching guest posts.