Could anyone guess that Ethereum would be on the list of the most perspective cryptocurrencies in 2021?

It has always been one of the leading coins but 2020 has become a crucial year when the coin’s price has increased much.

According to analysts, the year 2021 will be very successful and even unique for some cryptocurrencies. “What crypto should I buy this year?” – The answer is obvious for experts.

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If you want to invest money in coins that may achieve great heights, consider getting not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum.

Ether is decentralized crypto compared to BTC. It is a platform for many other cryptos and smart-contracts. It is a great idea to buy Ether as its creators pursue a goal to build a worldwide network for decentralized apps.

Such apps have great potential. At the moment, the price of Ethereum is growing steadily.

Recently, the cost has shocked traders and all crypto fans – it has grown up to $1500. Is this the maximum or a further growth is expected?

Will 2021 Become the Year of Ethereum?

Ethereum will cost $2000: Is it too good to be true or quite real? According to the price analysis, experts believe that the cost of Ethereum may increase up to $2000 in the nearest future.

Are there any factors that influence the steady price growth of the coin? Partnership with Reddit has become one of the significant events that have contributed to the price increase.

What is the aim of the cooperation of Reddit and the Ether Foundation? They pursue a goal to develop technologies that will make it possible to launch large decentralized apps.

According to leading crypto market analysts, the only fact of this partnership has affected all the market processed greatly. There is no doubt that a successful partnership will contribute to the higher price of Ether.

A team of the best-qualified experts will speed up the evolution of Ether. Reddit can open more opportunities for the growth of Ether price.

If you follow the news of the crypto market, you should know that last year Reddit launched an app based on Ether. Users have been satisfied with its top quality.

That’s why it isn’t surprising that Reddit has decided to continue the cooperation.

This year the news about the continuation of the partnership has caused a positive effect on the Ether cost. The price of the altcoin has increased significantly and it is increasing now.

3 More Reasons to See the Ether Cost $2000

At the end of January 2021, the cost of Ether has increased by 110%. Will it continue to grow? According to one of the analysts of the famous portal Cointelegraph, Ether will experience steady growth.

There are at least 3 factors that may double the cost of the currency this spring already.

  • In January, large investors withdrew more than $2 bln in Ether. This means that traders store cryptocurrency.
  • The behavior of traders and a large volume of trading operations.
  • A decrease of the overbought index.

Is $2,000 the maximum Ether can achieve in 2021? Some analysts disagree with this being sure that the next goal for this crypto is about $2500.

According to the expert from Fundstrat Global Advisors, the cost may go even higher. There are two factors that may help the cost of Ethereum increase up to $10,500. Of course, it won’t happen right now.

First, Ether’s price should become higher than it’s now and reach $2,000. But the popularity of decentralized finances DeFi and the upcoming update of the project will definitely have a positive effect on the cost.

An addition of Ether futures is expected in February. It will also become one of the important events in the history of Ether. But how exactly we will see after the financial regulator assesses the innovative product.

Do you still doubt whether it is a good idea to invest in Ether? Definitely, yes. Don’t get surprised if you see that Ether is $2000 in the current year. You can watch such a price increase this March already.

2021 can be by right called the year of Ethereum in the crypto market. What will be next? Time will show. But analysts agree that Ether is a very prospecting currency that will continue to grow steadily.

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