Nothing freshens up a relationship better than a romantic weekend getaway. Since valentine’s day is just around the corner, you can make the most of the month of love and sway your partner away to a unique romantic spot.

Don’t know where to go? The United States is filled with hot spots for couples that you can enjoy. But why not skip the same old options and try something new this year?

We bring you the following list of breathtaking vacation spots exclusively for couples that will blow your mind.


1. Savannah, Georgia:

The city of Savannah maybe not be as well-known as Charleston and New Orleans, but that’s what makes it an excellent spot for couples.

The charming southern town offers a fabulous blend of historic buildings and blooming gardens with Spanish moss-lined streets.

If you and your partner are fans of antique settings and enjoy fresh walks rather than the nightlife, this place is perfect for a couple’s vacation.

You can nurture your love in the breathtaking natural beauty by watching the sunset at Tybee Island and come night, and you can spend your time at charming B&Bs and inns.

2. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee:

Are you one of those couples who take their romantic getaways very seriously? And by getaway, we mean you don’t want to be surrounded by the congested city view?

Then the perfect spot for you is Pigeon forge. It is located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains; this scenic spot screams romance at every turn.

You can look into renting hotels, cabins, private balconies overlooking the mesmerizing view, indoor entertainment, or check out pigeon forge hotels with indoor pool (yes, they are heated).

Stay indoors all day long and never get bored, but if you feel like stepping out, you’ll be just minutes away from fantastic attractions like the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Dollywood.

3. Snowmass, Colorado:

When couples look at Colorado, they think of Aspen. But you don’t have to; instead, head for Snowmass if you want to break out of the trend.

Located just eight miles from downtown Aspen, Snowmass is a perfect winter playground for couples wanting to cuddle up in the chilly weather while enjoying hot chocolate and scenic views.

One of the best things about Snowmass is that it offers something for everyone, from hopeless romantics to thrill-seekers.

You can enjoy the Snowmass Balloon Festival from one of the highest altitudes in the country, or you can seize the opportunity to witness the beauty of this place on moonlit treks.

4. Eureka Springs, Arkansas:

Not a fan of heights and cold weather? We’ve got just the spot for you, and it’s brewing with hot springs. If your idea of a couple’s getaway is to enjoy luxury spas with your better half, head down to Eureka Springs and enjoy natural hot springs.

This is one of the best places to unwind and connect with nature and enjoy the earth’s exclusive luxury spots. The springs offer countless activities you can enjoy, from exploring the trails through the Ozark Mountains to witnessing waterfalls.

Check out the Arkansas Art Trail or explore the crannies of the surrounding lakes. When you’re done exploring nature, hit the night scene and have the time of your life.

5. Maui, Hawaii:

We are talking about the couple’s best romantic spots and not mention Hawaii? It’s a crime against lovers! Everyone knows that Hawaii is the ultimate vacation destination, but not everyone knows about exclusive locations.

The idea of a romantic getaway is not to go mingling in the crowd but to have a unique space for yourself. And what better than a literal island in the middle of the ocean? Enjoy long walks on secluded beaches and swim in the lagoons on Maui, also known as “The Big Island.”

It will be an experience of a lifetime, discovering each other in an exotic place such as Maui. Don’t forget to try all the adventures and activities this beautiful island offers.

6. Cape Cod, Massachusetts:

It feels as though you’ve jumped from a casual date into a Mills and Boons novel scenario. If you are into movie-like date nights in the perfect summertime destination, you must book a trip to Cape Cod.

It is a terrific spot for the most romantic experiences, from dining at high-end restaurants to visiting vineyards. You can even catch a sunset cruise or take a sunset walk along the beach.

Everything about this place shouts romance, but you can also stop and spend some time admiring the area.

You can have a cultural experience discovering the Heritage Museum or a leisurely ride along the scenic coast through the Shining Sea bikeway.

7. Providence, Rhode Island:

Recreate the magic of a romantic night in Venice, but in the U.S., that’s right, get a taste of a romantic boat ride with your loved one through a series of waterways and canals in Providence.

It makes up a perfect spot for a summer getaway as you can enjoy both the place’s rich history and unique summer events like Basin Fire WaterFire.

Illuminating the whole of downtown, WaterFire is an art installation that happens in the summer where braziers are filled with bonfires in the middle of the river. You can take walks, rides, and even dine along the river.

8. Bar Harbor, Maine:

Bar Harbor is a bustling coastal city that offers you the romantic escape you need. The best thing about this location is that even though it may sometimes seem crowded, it still gives off a serene vibe that would attract you to it.

The weather is excellent, which means long walks on the beach. You and your better half can stroll along the banks of the bay, witness a mesmerizing sunrise near Cadillac Mountain, and hop on a cruise on the exquisite Frenchman Bay.

The colors are so vibrant in this city that you would immediately fall in love with the place.


Our relationships can sometimes hit a low point with our busy lives and the toll of the ongoing pandemic. In such circumstances, it’s best to take a breather, grab your partner, and escape to a world where you can leave behind all your worries.

Sometimes, a weekend away is all you need to press the reset button and bring back the magic. Since it’s February, we figured that you’d be planning a surprise couple’s getaway this valentine’s day, and that’s why the destination spots we’ve mentioned above will help keep love in the air.

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