Ear piercing at Claire’s – Clair’s ear Piercing has some of the best ear piercing specialists in the world. They’ve been piercing ears since 1978 and with almost 100 million piercings globally. Clair’s ear Piercing Specialists have undergone extensive training to guarantee that they comply with all safety standards and criteria.

You may get your ears pierced for free at Claire’s and Walmart when you buy an earring that costs between $20 and $25. On occasion, it can be obtained for as little as $12. Though you can get a piercing for as little as $10 in a mall, I don’t suggest it for your children or yourself.


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Is Claire’s an excellent place to get your ears pierced? 

Yes, you can get your ears pierced without any problems at Claire’s, but it’s still a horrible decision. Claire’s ear-piercing horror stories outnumber those of legitimate, adequately trained piercers by a long shot. Take her to a professional and have it done with a needle instead of a gun; firearms are terrible.

How much does it really cost to get my ear pierced?

The average cost of earlobe or body piercing can be anywhere around $40 to $60, along with the jewelry.

What is the average cost of ear piercings in the UK?

It mostly depends on if you want to get it done by an expert professional or just a standard salon. It also depends on what type of ear piercing you are looking for.

However, to give you a rough idea, if you get it done from a professional studio, then earlobe piercing can cost you around £10-£20, and if you want cartilage piercing, it can cost you little more than the earlobe piercing, it can cost approximately £25-£40.

Why should you avoid having your ears pierced at Claire’s?

Claire’s employ piercing guns, which are not an acceptable method of body piercing. They may be okay for lobes, but you must not have any other part of your body pierced with a gun since they can shatter cartilage and cause lasting harm to your ears.

Can I get a nose piercing at Claire’s?

From £20, one can get their nose pierced in our Claire’s store. Claire’s has been piercing ears for nearly 20 years in various nations, and they have pierced over 90 million ears throughout that time.

How painful is it to have your ears pierced?

Claire’s piercing earring posts include ultra-fine tips that softly puncture the skin and promote quick recovery. The ear piercing is quick and painless, and just a few people experience any difficulty.

With pierced ears, how do you sleep?

To sleep comfortably, one needs to use a pillow in the shape of a “U.” The “U” shaped travel pillow allows your ears to protrude somewhat more than a standard pillow. Sleep with your neck in the center of the “U.”

What is the cost of a tragus piercing?

In the United States, tragus piercings cost anywhere from $30 to $50. It all relies on where one gets it done and what type of rings you select. The going rate of a tragus piercing operation in Europe is between €30 and €40.

Is second lobe piercing available at Claire’s?

 Claire’s store also provides other services besides single, pair, and multiple lobe piercings: Double lobe piercing – Both ears are pierced at the same time by two ear piercing professionals.

What is the price of a lobe piercing?

The price of a lobe piercing varies between $40 and $60. There are sites where you can receive a lobe piercing for free (you only have to pay for the jewelry). Almost all of the time, these piercers employ dangerous methods (such as a piercing gun). Therefore you should avoid them.

Which of a man’s ears should be pierced?

The right ear of a boy is pierced first when he gets his ears pierced because these exact spots correspond to a person’s masculine and feminine parts.

When should you have your ears pierced(age)?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that parents wait until their kid is at least 2-6 months old before piercing their ears. The older a youngster gets, the more likely they are to take charge of keeping their ears free of infection.

 Is it possible to get a needle piercing at Claire’s?

Claire’s ear piercing system uses no needles and adheres to strict cleanliness guidelines. Our instruments are cleaned before and after each usage, and the tool never comes into touch with the ear.

Is it okay for me to bring my own earrings to the piercing?

If anyone wants to bring their jewelry, they will need to arrive at least 24 hours to have it disinfected and processed. It all relies on what kind of ear piercing you get! Yes, one can pierce your lobes if it’s an excellent lobe piercing. Essential and non-dangly, such as a stud or a hoop, will suffice.

Is it a good idea to twist a new piercing?

It’s terrible advice to twist body jewelry in a new piercing to keep it from “sticking.” While turning or twisting your jewelry in a new and healing body piercing may seem like an excellent idea, it is a horrible one. It is dangerous and will not help you or your healing body piercing.

Is it true that ear-piercing guns are harmful?

Most guns drive blunt-ended studs into the tissue of your ears, which is a painful and potentially damaging process. Except for piercing the earlobe, piercing guns should never be used on the body. They should not be used on the ear’s more rigid cartilage. Gunshots can destroy ear cartilage.

Is ear piercing with a needle painful?

Using a needle to pierce a body part other than the ear lobe is significantly safer and, according to our customers, less unpleasant than using a piercing gun. When the two methods are directly compared, needles for body piercings are far safer and less unpleasant.

Does Claire’s provide service for men’s ears piercings?

Claire’s will, indeed, pierce men’s ears. Claire’s provides piercing services for both men and women.

How long do your ears hurt after they’ve been pierced?

Within the first 1-3 days, there may be some minor bruising and swelling. The piercing site may be tender to the touch. At the piercing site, there may be a few blood spots.

Is lobe piercing painful?

All piercings, in fact, cause pain. It depends on the area and your pain threshold, whether it’s a little or a lot. Because the lobe is probably the least painful spot to puncture, you’re safe there. Some people report that the piercing is nearly painless, while others say a sharp discomfort.

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