Are you a startup in trade and business? Whether new or established, the complex finance system is always a daunting task for businesses irrespective of their small and big sizes.

If you are a startup business, then you must have started from scratch probably with the latest technology.

You may have even achieved a psg grant to adopt and implement new technologies.

However, the potential problem is how to cope up with the technology and make use of your latest accounting software in the best possible way.

Here are 7 easy ways to improve your finance system to fetch remarkable business advantages and grow your business.


1. Train and Capacitate Your Employees

The primary step to begin with the up-gradation of your finance system is to capacitate and enhance the skills and efficiencies of your employees.

You need to necessarily train your staff in the financial department and those associated with the finance department. This will not only enhance the performance of your staff but grow your business.

2. Introduce Modern Financial Solutions

Look for financial support agencies who have psg grant or Productivity Solution Grant support so that they can cover your maximum fees through psg.

Now it is time for you to upgrade your financial system from manual operation to automation.

The greatest benefit of contemporary technology in financial management is automation. Appropriate implementation of automation will make your bookkeeping and accounting faster, easier, and perfect.

This solution prevents all human errors and saves you a lot of time which you can utilize elsewhere.

3. Choose the Appropriate Software

One of the major challenges of automation for bookkeeping and accounting is adopting the right and appropriate software. Below are some software features, tools, and functions to choose from for your business.

  • Generation of Reports

The financial report is inevitable for any business. Almost all financial software programs offer the financial report generation feature.

Therefore, you need to choose whether you require this feature and ensure that your automation software incorporates this feature.

  • Invoice Creation and Management

Like report generation, every financial automation software provides invoicing feature. This feature is essential because it generates invoices and manages them. Eventually, you know which invoice is unpaid and needs to follow up with the collection of payments.

  • Fetching of Data

 This built-in feature helps you to fetch data from your bank account. You can use this tool to automate your data generation accurately and avoid massive manual data entry possibly with errors.

  • Processing the Payroll

Payroll processing is essential irrespective of the number of your employees. This feature ensures regular processing of payroll and tracking payment-related information along with withholding of payments, benefits, and other components of remunerations.

  • Tax Forms

You can conveniently deal with various taxations with this feature and manage timely payment of taxes from your employees and contractors.

  • Management of Expenses

 This feature reviews your expenses and prevents unnecessary transactions.

4. Plan Properly and Set Your Business Goal

Appropriate planning and goal setting are as important and essential as introducing modern technology. You need to have clarity on your vision, expansion, management of inventory, and other business moves.

You must ensure that your systems are appropriately designed and equipped with essential technological features and tools to achieve the objectives and goal. 

5. Articulate Appropriate Business Policies

Collaborate with psg grant and articulate and stick to business policies. Remember, indiscipline and inappropriate financial management are one of the major reasons for the waste of time and money in a business.

Therefore, create policies and deadlines for payments of customers as well as your employees and contractors. 

6. Promote Convergence Between Departments

Your finance department can never act in isolation and generate profit for you.

They need to collaborate with other departments such as marketing, HR, etc., and help them to provide various requirements of the finance department.

Here comes the need for a Cloud-based software technology that can assist in greater convergence of other departments with the financial management. 

7. Be a Team Member Yourself and Promote Your Team

Unless and until you involve yourself through effective communication and active participation in the team, things may not move as expected even if you have benefitted from a psg grant.

Therefore, make yourself a member of the team and lead the team towards the goal. 


Big and established businesses go on updating their accounting system as technology is developing and changing now and then.

In case you are a startup, your business will suffer if you fail to appropriately and effectively use your accounting software and other financial systems.

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