Studies have shown that office workers in the U.S alone spend over 1700 hours a year in front of a computer. Enhancing productivity is one of the biggest challenges that we are facing as humans.

Although most workers have to spend some time from their schedule to manage various work components, mails, and files, a lot of their time is poorly managed.

You might be wondering how to enhance productivity while using your Mac, whether for personal or office work. There is limited time in a day, so you need to use it sensibly.

There are various methods that can enhance your productivity. Still, if you are looking for a comprehensive and objective change, the best option is to install an effective productivity app on your Mac to help you do more work in less time.

We have come up with a list of the seven best productivity apps that you may use on Mac to manage your time in the most thoughtful way possible:


1. Calendar

The calendar is one of the most popular productivity applications available in the market. Unlike Google Calendar, this application includes additional features that are necessary for remote workers.

This tool is designed to connect all the calendars on your device to a single interface.

This tool is always synchronized with other calendar applications on your device. Thus, if you create an event in any of the applications, it will be notified in all of them.

Besides, this application provides analytics reports and automatically transcribes your meetings to boost productivity.

The best part of this application is the way it manages meetings. Calendar allows anybody to fix an appointment with you only when available, ensuring that the timings do not clash.

2. Serene

Serene is a free application meant for remote workers and teams only available for macOS.

Numerous scientific experiments have proved that multitasking can decrease your productivity significantly.

Serene offers you everything that you may need to stay focused on the task at your hand.

The most crucial role of this tool is to prevent distractions. Serene blocks any ads or notifications or even other applications for you while working on a project or something else.

Moreover, this app divides your work hours into multiple sessions and regular breaks to enhance productivity.

It includes a timer that helps you keep track of the time and motivates you to concentrate at each session’s end.

Serene also helps create effective to-do lists to manage multiple tasks and complete them within the deadline.

Moreover, it can perfectly plan your daily routine. On top of that, this app contains music to help you focus.

3. Toggl

Toggl is a time tracking application that is quite popular among remote workers. This application runs in the background to help you keep a watch over the time left while working.

This premium productivity tool is priced at $18 per month.

Toggl was designed for freelancers to help them keep a count of the hours that they have spent on a project. But slowly, everybody started using it and became fond of this application.

The best aspect of this tool is that it is suitable for any operating system and runs over any other application.

4. Todoist

Another top-rated mac productivity application is Todoist. This is a note-taking and organizing application that keeps you on top of both your professional and personal projects.

This tool is available for all iOS devices.

What is impressive about this tool is that it offers the best of its features for free. You can enjoy browser extensions, interactive boards, and task creation without any cost.

However, it has a premium version as well, which allows you to access its additional features like automatic reminders and backups at just $29 per year.

Even the free version of Todoist can manage your time and work effectively to boost productivity.

5. Bear

Bear is the fifth among mac productivity applications that are designed with a unique concept. This is too a note-taking application meant for Mac users to jot down important notes on the go quickly.

This mac productivity software allows you to create to-do lists, set reminders, and develop concepts for brainstorming sessions in the near future.

This unique application includes an attractive font and outline to customize your notes and other lists according to your preference.

Bear has a free variant as well as some premium memberships starting at $14.99 per year.

6. MindNode

MindNode is an innovative mac productivity software that is best suitable for brainstormers to turn their thoughts into reality.

This application helps to organize your thoughts effectively by connecting ideas in a mind map.

This software helps to document your thoughts and present them in a picturized form that is informative and easy to understand.

You can customize and organize your thoughts with this application without any trouble using graphics and texts.

The visuals are apparent and neat that can be defined quickly and modified according to the user’s needs.

MindNode is best suited for creative people who can think out of the box. It is a mind mapping tool that plays your assistance’s role by planning simple and complex tasks.

Such unique features make MinNode one of the best productivity apps for Mac.

7. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use software that can be set up within two minutes. This screen recorder also features among the best productivity apps for Mac.

It has made capturing videos from a computer screen lot easier.

This unique screen capturing video can record any activity on the computer screen and save it to your local drive, in any video format. There is no limit to the activities that this tool can capture.

From video chats to online surfing, this Mac screen recorder will save anything you want. Moreover, this application allows taking screenshots and saving them effortlessly.

It can record audio from multiple sources simultaneously and share them in seconds with its SuperSpeed mode.


Final Thoughts

We have handpicked the best productivity app for Mac that you can use to manage your time effectively. All of these applications are designed to simplify your tasks and save some extra time.

Each of them has different features and functions, but they all focus on organizing your schedule and help you complete pending tasks within deadlines.

You must choose your preferred application according to your requirements.

We would suggest you try the free version of your preferred application first, and then if you like it and believe that it has served the purpose, you can purchase the premium packages.

Many other applications can help you enhance productivity, but we have shortlisted Mac’s most effective products.

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