When you are looking for exciting things to do indoors on a rainy day, an escape room is a perfect solution.

Escape rooms are very popular among teenagers and adults, being a fun and interactive group activity that can be enjoyed by all.

However, did you know that escape rooms are a good activity for children as well – and in fact can offer them many benefits?

Here are five benefits that the escape room experience can bring to children.

Find out more about them so that the next time you are looking for a fun family activity, you can bring your little ones to check out escape rooms in Brunswick!


1. Physical Activity

These days, kids spend far too much time in front of a screen, whether it is the television, tablet, or mobile phone.

In fact, many adults can be said to be guilty of this as well! An escape room is a great way to get your kids stuck in with physical activities.

Here’s a tip: if your kid generally does not enjoy active sports or exercise, let them try out the escape room experience.

It is a more indirect way to get them moving around for a good period of time – and it could get them to open up to more physical activities down the road!

2. Develop Communication Skills

Escape rooms are specifically designed for teams, and the groundwork for a successful team is effective communication.

When in an escape room, your child will have to learn how to communicate well in order to carry out the activities.

Therefore, escape rooms are a great way for children to practice their social capabilities in a fun environment that is outside of the classroom.

Teamwork, communication, and getting along well with others are all important life skills to have and it is good to start developing them early.

3. Engage the Mind and Imagination

Besides that, the activities in escape rooms can teach more than just soft skills too.

It is a great opportunity for children to exercise their mental facilities and find ways to think outside of the box.

You may even discover that your child has a special knack for solving puzzles!

Moreover, escape rooms also encourage children to use their imagination. It allows children to be transported into new worlds and immerse themselves in the experience – sometimes with a new identity for the game too!

4. Bonding Experience

There is nothing better than spending quality time together as a family. Escape rooms offer a solid opportunity for family bonding simply because of the nature of the experience.

It is a much more interactive activity for the whole family compared to other less hands-on plans, such as going to the movies.

The activities in the escape room require participants to talk to each other and work together, all while having a lot of fun along the way.

The conversations and laughter that you and your children experience in the escape room can help strengthen your family bond. It will also provide cherished memories for you to share together.

5. A Break in the Routine

Sometimes, it is easy to get stuck in a rut and feel like you are doing the same activities over and over again. And yes, while they may be too young to realize it, kids do feel this way too!

Fortunately, escape rooms offer you a chance to break that monotony and even immerse yourself in a completely different world for an hour or so.

Therefore, if your children are feeling restless or bored especially during the school break, an escape room could just be the break in the routine that your family needs!

Check for Child-friendly Escape Rooms

That being said, do make sure that the escape room that you would like to bring your child to is child-friendly.

Usually, escape room companies have a mix of rooms that are catered towards adults and some that are suitable for children too.

When in doubt, you can always get in touch with the escape room to make enquiries before booking!

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