Donald Trump has a history of being less-than-respectful towards people. CNN pointed out that he has a thing for making up “demeaning nicknames” for his opponents. He has repeatedly referred to Sen. Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” – a reference to her declared Native American status.

What?!? It’s not a reference to the Disney film?

The issue of Sen. Warrens heritage has been a complicated one. Let’s just do a mini-mini-micro-mini review so we’re all on the same page.

Ready? Here we go.

– Elizabeth Warren’s family maintains an oral tradition that they are part Native American, specifically part Cherokee and Delaware. She was raised with this belief.

– In the 1990’s, Harvard Law touted her as a Native American, in part because she had listed herself as such in a law school directory. She claims she did not benefit from this claim, she never used it on any applications.

– A political opponent brought this up in 2012, claiming Warren had lied about being a minority and clearly didn’t look Native American.

– A genealogist did confirm Native American heritage, but that confirmation has been a bit controversial.

– That opponents staff were filmed whooping and chopping as a way of mocking Native Americans. The opponent also suggested Warren take a DNA test to prove her heritage.

– Warren says she never asked her family for proof of their heritage, responding “what child would?” when asked why. She has made statements considered problematic by some, like citing a family members “high cheekbones” as potential proof of Native American heritage.

– Donald Trump latched onto this scandal and has taken to mockingly calling Sen. Warren “Pocahontas.” He did so throughout his campaign and continues to do so during his presidency.

Everyone all caught up now? Good. So Donald Trump decided that the best “demeaning nickname” for Elizabeth Warren was “Pocahontas,” mocking her certainly-in-question-now Native American background. Trump did it again recently while speaking to the NRA.

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