Love heals and this is a great feeling. We have 5 underrated books in which love is clearly described. Reading them, you will get acquainted with completely different manifestations of this feeling, but it will affect something important inside. That is what any author wants to write about.

Also, if you don’t know what to talk about on a first date, you can discuss books about love. Thus, you will understand each other’s attitude to love and relationships well.


1.“Talking It Over,” Julian Barnes

This is a nice novel about a love triangle from one of the best modern prose writers. Briton Julian Barnes allows each of the participants to explain the situation from their side.

Readers see the situation from different angles. Inappropriate and shameless love grew up on the ruins of friendship and youthful ideals.

Each of Barnes’s heroes has their own story, their own truth, but all three feel how their ideals disappear in this Bermuda triangle, how the world becomes uncomfortable and hostile, as the only feeling becomes blind and meaningless.

 2.“The Things We Do for Love,” Alice Peterson

January Wilde considers herself lucky because she has a beautiful daughter Isla, Jack Russell Terrier Spad, grandparents’ house by the sea in Cornwall where she is always welcome and her favorite job in a successful real estate company.

But things go awry when Ward Metcalfe unexpectedly becomes the head of the company. She can’t find a common language with the boss from the very beginning.

Considering Ward a soulless tyrant, January secretly dreams of finding a new job. And only one random evening with Ward forever changes her life.

3.“Consuelo,” George Sand

Consuelo is a sweet and exciting book. It is rather suitable for impressionable youth, but in adulthood, there are similar feelings too.

A young talented girl, a poor orphan, paves her way in life, relying solely on her creativity and high moral principles.

The book contains cruelty, injustice, pain, but they don’t seem scary beyond the veil of romanticism. And what a love line! There will be tears and many other things.

The book is sincere but too idealistic and saturated with youthful maximalism. Because of this, it may seem to a mature reader superficial, simplifying reality in some places, but you still can’t but notice the sincerity of the book.

4. “A Home at the End of the World,” Cunningham Michael

The semantic basis of this novel also becomes a love triangle but very peculiar. It is based on the love of two men, which they not easily recognize and accept.

A difficult relationship with a woman who tried in vain to create a semblance of a family with them only strengthens their feelings for each other.

Cunningham pays a lot of attention to the development of sexuality, the painful overcoming of the fear of being misunderstood and rejected – all that young people of a non-traditional orientation have to go through.

He gives his heroes the courage to be above prejudice, to go beyond the framework of a scheme convenient for society. Love is the reward for this.

5.“The Look of Love,” Sarah Jio

Jane Williams receives a letter on her birthday saying that she has a unique gift – she can see love. A series of amazing events makes Jane believe that the strange message is not a joke.

And now she has to complete a difficult task: to recognize six types of love and describe each of them for future generations.

If Jane doesn’t do this until her next birthday, she will never be able to love. But the trouble is – how can she feel love in other people’s hearts if she herself has not experienced it yet? And it seems that she has fewer chances every day.

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