YouTuber Kicked Off Plane For Speaking Arabic Blasts Delta For Their Silence


Earlier this week, YouTuber Adam Saleh made headlines when a video he posted online went viral and began spreading like wildfire.

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In the video, Saleh was accusing the employees and many of the passengers of a Delta flight out of Heathrow airport for being racist. He said that he and his friend Slim were being removed from a flight they had been already seated on because they were speaking in Arabic, which was making others uncomfortable.

At first, public opinion appeared to be on the side of Saleh. That was until screengrabs of Saleh's YouTube page began to also go viral. The page showed a number of videos Saleh had posted, all of which appeared to be a series of pranks where Saleh and his friends would purposely try to make people uncomfortable by doing things like loudly speaking in Arabic and counting down from ten in Arabic in public.

Public opinion then appeared to turn on Saleh, with many rendering the verdict that he was a prankster who must have brought this on himself, and deserved what he had coming to him.

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Well, now the matter has become potentially more complicated once again. When Saleh and Slim finally returned home, Saleh took to his social media accounts to release his own statement on the matter.

Saleh wrote:

Hey, Me and Slim are finally back in NYC. We have landed safely and want to thank you all for your support. As you all know from the video I uploaded, we got kicked off a plane for speaking Arabic. When we were being taken off the plane, I said 'We're getting kicked off the plane for speaking Arabic.' Delta never denied anything in the video. Not a single person answered us back to tell us otherwise. But now that the video is out, they are trying to deny it to save their brand.

Delta has been called out previously for racial matters. The media has been twisting up my words, so I will not be speaking to any media until I speak to my attorney. What they did was wrong and we deserve to speak up about this and not let this happen again. Yes we're pranksters, and it sounds like the boy who cried wolf but today you can clearly see its as real as it gets.

Aside from this, Saleh and Slim have also retweeted a snippet of a New York Times article where a passenger was quoted in support of the pair.

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Saleh doesn't seem like he's going to let this story fade into the background. He has already hinted at speaking with both the media as well as his attorney.

Will any of that actually come to pass? We'll find out in the coming days I am sure. I, personally, have withheld my judgment since the first video hit the internet. If life and history have taught me anything, it's that there aren't just two sides to every story... there's often hundreds.

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Source: Twitter