Redditors Reveal The Worst Things They've Ever Done

Redditors Reveal The Worst Things They've Ever Done


How many times have you chastised yourself for being the worst person ever? More than a few times, is my guess.

Worse, even worse, worst: What's the worst thing you've ever done? Redditor Seriantri got the ball rolling with this super personal question:
What's the shittiest thing you've ever done?
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The answers from the Reddit community were revealing, to say the least. combativeginger's response sounds like a scene out of a Todd Solondz film:
Around 13 years old my grandfather passed away and we cremated so that his ashes could be scattered into the Great South Bay, Long Island. My aunt had come up from Florida for the funeral and after the services were over the immediate family drove with the urn to the bay. We had all gotten out of the cars and my aunt was reaching for the urn which was in a box on the middle seat. When she lifted the urn it broke (water dissolving urn) my grandfather's ashes were all over the seat and my Aunt, being 13 and always messing around and making fun of friends when they fell or did something dumb I automatically shouted "Ha Nice job". Realizing what I had just said I just stood there with my hand over my mouth as my aunt turned to me with tears in her eyes and her fathers ashes on her hands.
  From LDNSarah:
My aunt was sick with Alzheimer's but even though the illness was progressing she still made me a birthday cake every year. One time I was really sick with norovirus and in bed. She came over at 11am with a cake and I was still in bed. I pretended I wasn't in and didn't answer the door. She didn't know what to do and left it on the doorstep with a card. She died a few months later and that was one of the last times I would have been able to see her whilst she was still sort of "ok" and not bed bound.
  maypleleaf is the worst of the worst (but that depends on who you ask):
When I was about 4 or 5 I had almost no understanding of the human anatomy. My little brother and I were doing crafts, including "big person" scissors because mom wasn't wasting money on kids scissors. I don't know why, but I thought "I wonder what will happen if I cut the tip of my brother's finger?" So I tried it. Only a bit, but I remember mom holding pressure to his finger in the sink under the water. I don't think he needed stitches.
  CosmicQuestions knows he/she's the worst:
I once put a piece of chocolate on this girls chair at work. She was wearing white trousers that day. You can work out the rest.
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From MVPsq10:
Treat my younger brother like shit. I was not a good big brother. I let out my life struggles into him. Once in a while I still think about it and it really bothers me. Even tho things are better now we kind of went our separate ways.
  From SuperFreshness:
I still feel absolutely dreadful for this, even though it was over 10 years ago. Whenever I went out with this specific guy from work (Jake) something bad happened; this obviously being the worst. It was a Friday afternoon and I fancied a beer. Nobody else is interested except for Jake, so we end up at the local pub together. A couple of hours of drinking pass and we're super drunk. As you would expect after several hours of drinking, the time came where we both needed to use toilet. So we left for the journey together and ended up at a urinal standing next to eachother. Jake, in his infinite wisdom, decided it would be hilarious to piss at me. He turns around and yells "HEY" and shoots a long stream of piss all over my fabric toed shoes. Jake found this hilarious where I found it to be disgusting. He quickly runs off while I'm left to finish my own piss and calculate my revenge. I zip up and turn around to leave the toilet, when who do i see but Jake bent next to the basins. With no time to think, I ran in and planted my piss soaked toe at full force in the middle of his asshole, bearing absolutely no mercy with my strength. The kick landed perfectly, directly between the cheeks. The revenge was more glorious than I could have anticipated. So I'm laughing and pat Jake on the back, until I realise that the kick recipient wasn't Jake at all. My heart sinks and jaw drops. It was an old man wearing the same colour clothes as Jake, who was stopped in a struggle of doing up his belt. Holy fuck. My words started stumbling out of my mouth, I asked the guy if he was okay, told him that i was so incredibly fucking sorry- tried to explain how the misunderstanding occurred however he did not (could not?) say a word. He kept grunting and waved me off, signalling for me leave. By this point I'm as white as a ghost trying to comprehend what exactly just transpired and follow his instructions. Outside of the toilets, Jake is standing there laughing about the whole 'I pissed on your shoe' incident when he notices i'm completely stoic. We walk back to our table and I explain to Jake what pain our antics had incurred. We are both speechless. After 5 or so guilt ridden minutes, we formulate a plan to 'make things right'. This plan involves finding the poor guy I booted up the arse and cover whatever he wants to drink for the rest of the night. We both paced around the pub for at least an hour trying to find this guy. No luck though, he was gone. I still feel like an absolute douchebag and no longer go drinking with Jake.
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From HootieMane, who learned a valuable lesson from the experience:
When I was a kid (old enough to know better, young enough not to care), I threw a frog as high as I could in the air. Instant regret. Before it even hit the ground I was questioning why I did that. I couldn't even force myself to go witness the aftermath once gravity had brought the poor creature back to earth; I walked immediately inside. I'll probably never forget that frog as a lesson on empathy.
  Is I_like_mint the worst of the worst?
Ok good question, shit just got real. I was at the park with my wife and my 4 year old daughter. We went with another couple with their 4 year old son. The kids were both riding scooters. The little boy had been riding his scooter for a long time and rode it a lot so he was very confident with his scooter skills but my daughter had just got her scooter a few days before and was nervous riding it. The little boy thought it was funny to ride his scooter fast and then hit the brakes and gently bump into the back of my daughter's scooter. He did this 3 times and my daughter got more upset each time he did this. Each time I told him not to do this in a progressively stern voice but he kept doing it. After the third time he did this I looked him dead in the eyes and told him if he did that again he would be sorry. The little shit backs up 20 feet and starts coming full speed at the back of my daughter's scooter. My parental instinct kicks in and I put my foot firmly down a foot and a half behind me daughter's scooter thinking this would scare the kid into veering away but he didn't have time and he tries to stop in a panic. His timing to slow down and gently crash into my daughter's scooter was thrown off by my foot causing the 4 year old to fall hard on the concrete path. He skinned both his hands and both his knees and he loudly yells out "What are you doing!" I instantly felt bad. Plus some people in the park had missed the initial scooter bumping and just saw me tripping this 4 year old kid so I felt embarrassed. A few minutes later (after calming the kid down) both his parents laughed and thanked me for teaching their kid a lesson because he was being a dick.
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From coolshroolpool:
I think it was when I punched my Grandma in the stomach because she wouldn't let me watch T.V. I was 12.
  From harrymarkes:
Accidentally got my favourite teacher fired by pretending to have a fit when he faked hitting me.
  From theSchmoozer:
My ex and I were in the process of buying a house together. I found out that her ex wasn't her ex. I could have broken up with here then, but I didn't. Instead, I bought the house. She sold her condo. She was not on any of the paperwork on my house. I broke up with her and kicked her bitch ass out in the cold January snow.
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From noeffeks:
I moved around a lot growing up so missed some key parts of history by jumping to different curriculum. One of the key areas I missed was the holocaust. Skip to 8th grade literature class: Teacher is having us read some excerpts from Anne Frank's Diary. Teacher is Jewish. Cue my dumb ass saying: "The holocaust was cool." I literally had no idea what I was saying, or even how it affected the person I was saying it to. I said it as a joke. Cue: sent straight to ISS (in school suspension), my dad getting called into school from his job, and then the resulting 20 page paper I had to write for the teacher for no grade on the Holocaust. Boy did I learn real fucking quick how shitty of a thing that was to say.
  From Mungo_Clump:
Many years back I had a girlfriend who was very nice, but a bit... full-on about our relationship. One day, whilst rummaging in the draw next to my bed to find my keys or something while she waited, I saw something and had a brain-fart. I picked-up the object, turned to my GF and went down on one knee. "Sarah?" I said, as I produced a jewellery box... She went all giddy as tears started to form in her eyes. I opened the box: "... have you seen my cuff-links? They're great aren't they? Look... they're little metal dice!" She ran crying from the room while I was left on one knee realising what a dick I can be. In my defence, I didn't plan the joke, it just sort of happened without me engaging my brain.
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