Woman Says Someone Recorded Her While She Was Changing In A Macy’s Dressing Room

Woman Says Someone Recorded Her While She Was Changing In A Macy’s Dressing Room

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Trying clothes on in the fitting room is one of those things that can either be awesome or awesomely stress-inducing, and pretty much nothing in between. Will they have your size? How's the lighting? Will there be a chair for when you need to sit down and seriously reevaluate your life's choices? Is the mirror clean enough for you to send selfies to your friends for their opinions?

We're just saying it's not easy and we relate to this a little bit too much.


For one California woman, fitting rooms just went from bad to worse. Shelbianne Evans stopped at Macy's to grab a perfume and did what so many of us have done before, she opted to try on a few pieces of clothing on a whim while she was there.

I had gone there to get this fragrance that I really wanted and I did that and then I saw the clothes and I was like "Oh, I might as well. I just got paid today."

She regretted that whim pretty quickly. She was busy trying on some clothes and video chatting some people to get their opinions - things almost all of us have done at some point. That's when something in the mirror caught her eye.

"In the mirror, I saw a phone under my door."


She turned and immediately shouted "excuse me" - startling the person recording and causing them to run away. She informed store employees, who declined to take her name or number and said they hadn't seen anything. She also filed a police report but unfortunately she had little to offer in the way of a description since all she really saw was the phone and the person's pant leg. All she knows is they were wearing black pants and using a black iPhone with a black case.

Macy's released the following statement:

Macy's condemns this type of improper behavior. The safety of our customers and associates is our top priority. As this is a police matter, we are cooperating fully with law enforcement as they conduct their investigation.

This isn't the first time Macy's had had peeping tom issues with their fitting rooms.

Admittedly, it's typically a much cuter and less nefarious situation.


Watch this interview with Shelbianne for more details.


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