Woman Expertly Uses Republicans' Own Words Against Them In Election Day Tweet

Woman Expertly Uses Republicans' Own Words Against Them In Election Day Tweet


It's Election Day 2017!! An election cycle that will lead to what will be the most consequential election of modern times! 

What happens on 11/7/17 will give a glimpse into what could be the fall out for 2018 then the election to end all elections and maybe the world! 2020!!

Jennifer Wright, an author who has published several successful books and is a proud, outspoken feminist columnist for Harper's Bazaar brilliantly took to her Twitter to rally both sides for the cause.

Not that is how you use your Twitter with style. 


Ms. Wright used her words with precision to echo the current repeated Republican response to our national gun violence epidemic.

This past Sunday as the Texas massacre unfolded every major Party leader on the right felt that "this is no time for a gun control debate and the best way to mend our issues is through thoughts and prayers." 


This is the standard Republican go to after every tragedy actually. Instead of gun control, give prayers. Instead of climate change, give prayers. Instead of financial aide to the poverty stricken.... give prayers!! 

This xeroxed response has set off an intense discourse in America.

So Ms. Wright hit it right on the bullseye and became an internet sensation. 


Jennifer just put herself expertly out there and could gather a nice following. Perhaps she should consider a political career. The lady is clearly debate ready!

H/T : Twitter, Harpers Bazaar

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