We Can't Stop Listening To The New 'Duck Tales' Remix

We Can't Stop Listening To The New 'Duck Tales' Remix


"DuckTales" is getting a reboot on 'Disney XD,' and the remix of the theme song is making everyone go "Woo-oo!"

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Those who are nostalgic over "The Disney Afternoon" series of cartoons in the 90s are about to be reunited with some of their favorite characters. Most notably, Scrooge McDuck and his great nephews.

On August 12, the Duckberg denizens return to entertain a new generation in the reboot of DuckTales.

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The series is getting a facelift, but don't worry, the theme song remains largely intact. It's the same indelible tune that had a whole generation singing along with the program.

This time, Carly Rae Jepsen lends her vocals with a contemporary flourish that injects new life into the classic melody.

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