We Can't Stop Hitting Play To Hear This Sound Again

We Can't Stop Hitting Play To Hear This Sound Again


The sound of ice shattering against ice doesn't seem like it would be all that pleasant.

Admittedly, my experience with ice is pretty much limited to whatever is happening in my freezer. I may be a New York native, but I've been wintering in South Florida with my family since I was a child. A "cold day" here means I have to put on a hoodie with my flip flops.

Accurate Meme is Accurate


So when this video started making the rounds, I was skeptical. Ice against ice just seems like it would be one of those "please god no" kind of sounds.

Like this

The Mary Sue

Or this squishy, smacky horror that I know you can all totally hear in your heads just by looking at the picture.

I'm actually kind of sorry for posting this

Savage Henry Magazine

Or this beautifully illustrated nightmare.

Sometimes a picture is just too perfect...

The Psycho Linguist

Turns out, it's actually a really soothing and sort of hypnotic sound. Who knew? Check it out for yourself.


H/T: Mashable, YouTube, The Fw

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