Wear Your Underwear For 3 Weeks And Sell Them for $5K

Wear Your Underwear For 3 Weeks And Sell Them for $5K


Woman Sells Underwear She Wore For 3 Weeks!

What underwear are you wearing right now? A favorite pair? Could you stand leaving them on for a couple of days? Maybe even a week? How about three weeks?! If you shutter at the thought, then maybe this next business idea is not for you. One young entrepreneur, who goes by ‘Lady Kitten,' is wearing her underwear for days at a time before selling them to buyers online. She first got the business idea from Orange Is the New Black.
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In the show, Piper Chapman sets up all of her prison inmates with pairs of underwear to wear days on end. After a few days, she collects them all and sells them to the highest online bidders. Lady Kitten is doing the same thing. Whether rain or shine, workout or none, hot or cold, or even period or no period, she is wearing these panties without washing them. She works with the website Sofia Gray which conducts the transactions discreetly.
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In the past six months, Lady Kitten has made over $4,000 selling her underwear. But she soon had a “regular” who couldn’t get enough. From Cosmopolitan:
Over time, Lady Kitten had built up a rapport with a single seller who bought her items frequently. They chatted via email about hobbies, interests, and all the things that might make up typical online dating banter — except that they were both in it for the panties, and nothing more. One day, this same seller approached her with a "special request." Wear the same pair: three weeks, no washing, and she'd be paid $5,000. Sure, she admits the idea grossed her out at first, but according to Lady Kitten, "the money was too good an opportunity to pass up."
The sale was the biggest one the company had ever seen. However, given the high likelihood of yeast infections, bacterial vaginosis, and the “ick” factor, Lady Kitten says she won’t be doing it again unless there’s a larger price tag.
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As for the money, the whole of it went straight towards Lady Kitten’s school fees. She had this to say about the whole experience:
I see nothing wrong with it, but I know my family would, and would probably look down on me. I'd also be penalized because of it when looking for a job. I think because it's different than the norm people don't like it. People never like things that are different.

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