Shameless People Share Photos Of Their Sad, Ugly Christmas Trees

Shameless People Share Photos Of Their Sad, Ugly Christmas Trees


Christmas trees are supposed to be beautiful symbols of the holiday season. They're supposed to give you the warm-fuzzies and fill us all with seasonal joy. These trees ... don't quite do that.

Every year there are millions of Christmas celebrations with millions of Christmas trees happening all around the world. If we learned anything in math class (cue the collective staff cringe), it was that nothing is 100%. With that many trees being put up and decorated, it's not a matter of IF any of them will be hideous, it's a matter of WHEN. Math teaches us that ugly trees are a fact. Math isn't the real hero of this story, though. That honor goes to the intrepid photographers who have the bravery and presence of mind to face down these arboreal atrocities and document them for the world to see. Join us as we honor their fearlessness by giving these trees the ceremonial side-eye.
ugly We're going in! (CREDIT: Blogspot)

"Art" Is In The Eye Of The Beholder, I Guess?

Commenters on the original posting kept calling the tree "art".
ugly Totally museum quality. (CREDIT: No Deposit Forum)


That Poor Puppy

You know it's bad when even the dog looks like he's experiencing a whirlwind of uncertainty. Look at his face. He's clearly questioning his life's choices up to that moment. Is he the good boy? Was he ever the good boy? If he's a good boy, why would they bring this thing home? Obviously, this is punishment.
ugly The face of defeat (CREDIT: B105.7)



How does one even decorate this? Is it already decorated? Oh, I get it. No ornaments, just a majestic bald eagle for a tree topper, right?
ugly Free for the holidays? Free EVERY day! (CREDIT: Holy Taco)


Do We Call In The Authorities?

What are we even looking at here? Is this a tree? Is this evidence of a crime? Is that a nativity on the floor? Did someone just shoot the garland onto this thing with a T-shirt cannon? Who took their anger out on this poor plant? What were they so angry about?
ugly So many questions, so few answers. (CREDIT: History Maniac Megan)


The Eyes Follow You

Nope. Nope nope nope. All the nope. Nope. Nopitty nope nope.
ugly Oh god it's looking at me... (CREDIT: Wave FM)


Pez On Earth, Good Will Towards No One.

Whoever owns this tree clearly loves Pez dispensers and limitless terror. Wait a minute. Is that a CLOWN DISPENSER on top?!?!?! This has to be a still from a horror flick set in the wilderness of Utah somewhere. There's no way this is real life. I quit.
ugly What fresh hell is this???? (CREDIT: Creative Juice)

It's Certainly No Rockefeller Tree

Some cities have amazing trees. New York City has a tree so good that it's essentially "the" Christmas tree. Municipal trees can be breathtakingly gorgeous. This one's breathtaking for all the wrong reasons.
ugly tree We're willing to bet that one city employee in the back was the only one who showed up for the lighting of this disaster. (CREDIT: Twitter)

Project Run Away

There have been several challenges on Project Runway that required contestants to create garments out of non-traditional materials. Some of them have been gorgeous! This tree kind of feels like that. It doesn't make any sense right away, but it helps to imagine Tim Gunn staring critically at this tree before going: "I have some concerns." It's not necessarily ugly... it's just ... OK yeah, I got nothin'.
Ugly Those branches with that cleavage? Okaaaay, make it work! (CREDIT: Metro Eve)

Name That Shape

This tree is like the Rorschach test of holiday decor. Tilt your head side to side a few times and let us know what you see. Personally, we're leaning towards a chicken wing. Not the drumstick kind, the flat kind.
ugly This is a mess on so many different levels. (CREDIT: b1057)

A Nice Protective Layer

Cats. There is no way that this is not the fault of cats.
ugly Hope the cat isn't still in there somewhere. (CREDIT: Imgur)

This Cost HOW MUCH!?!?

Hobarts decided to forego a traditional Christmas Tree and opted for something more "modern" and "edgy" - they spent $35,000 on this.
ugly Oh Christmas Fail, Oh Christmas Fail (CREDIT: Buzzfeed)

Side Eye Intensifies

ugly This has all been a bit much. (CREDIT: Blogspot)

And now, to end on a high note.

Bask in the glory of Godzilla!
ugly NOW we're feeling festive! (CREDIT: Imgur)

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter

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