Truly Disturbing Facts About Serial Killers

Truly Disturbing Facts About Serial Killers


Some of the most famous serial killers had other twisted secrets.

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The Buzzfeed community shared some interesting facts you may have not known about the most notorious murderers in history.

Proceed with caution, as the information that follows is not for the faint of heart.

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Rodney Alcala won the "Dating Game" in 1978 while he was still an active serial killer. Ding-dong, your date is here.

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Dennis Rader stalked his victims and would often break into their homes and wait for them to come home before claiming their lives.

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Robert Pickton fed his farm pigs his latest victims, ground and ready to eat. "Bone" appetit.

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Jeffrey Dahmer was the friendly neighbor who would hand out human meat sandwiches to other tenants in his building. Looks like there was plenty of ketchup.

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