This Map Shows An Embarrassingly Common Problem Around The World

This Map Shows An Embarrassingly Common Problem Around The World


Map of the Country's Tourism Slogans Reveals We All Have Awful Marketing Teams

I don't envy vacation resort marketing teams. They have a thankless job within the realm of overpriced, getaway locales. Their job is to expertly incept into your mind the idea of travel. That leaving the comfort of your couch is a good thing. That abandoning "The OA" in the middle of the 1st season is the right thing to do.

Was any of it real?


It's not easy selling a vacation spot. Just look at Sandals and their slogan, "The Luxury Included Vacation." That can't have been easy. Even more challenging, I can't imagine condensing an entire country into a buzz phrase then trying to sell other people on it. It must not be easy because every country's slogan to attract tourists is terrible.

"Indonesia's is soo bad."


A British travel website, Family Break Finder, scoured the interwebs and created the perfected world map. Overlaying each country is the slogan, updated in real time, associated with their tourism industry. After pouring over it, there are a few takeaways.

For a full image, click here.


You have boastful half-truths, like the Philippines: "It's more fun in the Philippines." Or Egypt: "Where it all begins." Or the United Kingdom: "Home of amazing moments."

Then you have nonsensical statements that don't seem real but somehow stand. Switzerland has: "Get neutral." (What?) Namibia has: "Endless Horizons." And, possibly oddest of all, Uruguay's is: "Uruguay Natural." That's not even a sentence.

Finally, the third category are the countries that, simply by having a slogan, compete with one another. For example, the Dominican Republic says: "Dominican Republic has it all." However, Honduras says: "Everything is here." So who is telling the truth? Who REALLY has it all?

Check out the full map yourself and revel in the awkwardness.

H/T: Mashable, Family Break Finder

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