Slay It Again, Sam! Check Out The Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2015

Slay It Again, Sam! Check Out The Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2015


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Can you believe that 2015 is almost over? Where did the time go?! Well, if you're like us, you probably spent hours of it watching stuff on YouTube. It’s like watching TV except takes less time and occasionally involves people getting hit in their private parts by balls and stuff. Or, cats. We like cat videos, too.

You might be wondering: what were the most watched videos on YouTube this year? We wondered the same thing! So we took a look around and found the most popular viral videos of 2015 and put them all in this one handy-dandy post.

Take a half hour or so and click through them. If you’ve already seen them, you’ll enjoy the refresher. If you haven't seen them, you’re welcome.

1. Watch Heaven King Nae Nae

Silento’s “Watch Me” was already a sensation and unavoidable earworm when it first hit our auditory canals. Couple the song with an adorable little girl named Heaven King and her dance troupe of equally precious girls, a cute pink Cadillac, and a dog and you’ve got viral video gold, not to mention almost 121 million views since April.

2. Liam Neeson Loses in Clash of Clans

BigBuffetBoy85 was probably just trying to have some fun playing the mobile game Clash of Clans, but he should’ve thought twice when he agreed to take on AngryNeeson52. Liam Neeson’s very dramatic appearance in the Super Bowl ad for the game hit just the right “Christopher Walken” chord, scoring with over 90 million views since February.

3. The Ultimate Ball Pit

The title of this video does not do justice to how absolutely awesome it is. Who doesn’t have fond memories of spending their childhood in ball pits? Who wouldn’t dive into one right now if it happened to be nearby? YouTube user RomanAtwood filled his house with plastic balls and spent a envy-inducing day playing around in it. Not only did he have all that fun, he also scored over 58 million views since he posted the video this January. Jealous!

4. Love Has No Labels

This past March, The Ad Council gave us a heart-touching video for their Love Has No Labels campaign. A giant X-Ray screen was erected on Valentine’s Day in the middle of a busy street, and passersby watched as pairs of moving skeletons embraced one another before stepping out and revealing who they were. The message was clear and powerful. Love is love, no matter who, no matter what. Almost 56 million people have watched the video to date.

5. Celebrity Lip Sync Battle Royale

Most people will watch Will Ferrell do almost anything. Throw in Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart and a lip syncing contest and of course, you’ll get 55 million views, of course you will. Seeing Ferrell lip sync to “Let It Go” from Frozen is worth the price of admission alone.

6. The Biebs Does Karaoke 

Justin Bieber spent much of 2014 getting himself into all sorts of trouble and making headlines with his hijinks. In 2015 he got in an SUV with Late Late Show host James Corden where they had a few funny heart-to-heart conversations, but, even cooler, sang at the top of their lungs and danced along to some of Justin’s classic songs. 44 million people watched this video on YouTube since May. That’s probably less than the number of people who saw those nude photos of him this summer, but it’s still very respectable.

7. Big Dude, Big Water Balloon

One of the year’s most viral videos is actually a remake of one from 2011! The Slow Mo Guys took a 6-foot tall guy, and put him inside a 6-foot giant water balloon. Hard to believe? Well, that sort of unbelievability is probably what inspired 42 million people to click and watch. And we’ll bet they hung around till the end to see if it popped. Spoiler alert! It does.

8. Calum Scott Melts Our Cold, Cold Hearts

Calum Scott seemed nervous when he took the stage during the first Audition Week of Britain’s Got Talent. The stakes were high. The audience was silent. His sister had just gone up and not made the cut. Then the beginning notes of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own” hit the speakers, and magic happened. Almost 40 million people have fallen for Calum’s beautiful voice. Add yourself to that list.

9.The Po Po Shakes It Off

Police officers have been responsible for a lot of very negative press this year. This video is not one of those instances. Thanks to the Dover Police and their DashCam system, we have this hilariously endearing video of an officer lip syncing to T-Swift’s “Shake It Off,” stopping only to offer a very serious nod and wave to passing drivers. We want more of these! Clearly so does the world, since almost 38 million people gave it a watch.

10. Thanks, Obama!

Like him or hate him, you have to admit that President Obama has certainly been okay with poking fun at himself over the years. In March, our Commander-in-Chief became the Commander-in-Tweet when he went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and allowed himself to be recorded reading mean-spirited tweets about himself. It’s as funny as you might expect. Plus, we get a cameo of Jimmy Kimmel wearing Dad Jeans! 35 million people watched this hilarity online, and no doubt millions of others saw it on TV and elsewhere.

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