To Beyoncé or not to Beyoncé? That is the question.

To Beyoncé or not to Beyoncé? That is the question.


Let's face it. Beyoncé fanatics are everywhere, and they are getting annoying.

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They break out in song and dance at the slightest hint of "Single Ladies."


They text you Beyoncé gifs to express their feelings.

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UGH, No. Make it stop! But wait, it doesn't end there...


They never fail to repost the pictures that the Queen Bey puts on her Instagram.

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And will always answer "girls!" to "who runs the world?"

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Ok, Ok, you fanatics can just stop already!

Beyoncé isn’t for everyone. And if you’re one of the few people out there immune to her charms: you’re not alone. The fact is that there are many people out there that are not fans of Beyoncé. Yes, she’s insanely famous and "fabulous." But if we ignore the glitz and just look at her as a person, she’s sort of annoying. It’s a scary world for a non-Bey lover, but it’s possible. You can live with this. You can be accepted and loved for who you are. You don’t have to lie anymore. You don’t have to pretend. It’s okay. It will all be okay now. And Bey, don’t be mad when you see that we don’t want it. The heart wants what it wants, and for some of us, that’s just not you. But watch out for the Beygency!

If you're not part of the Beyhive, you'd better be very careful. The Beygency will hunt you down!

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