This New Puppy Is Not A Fan Of These Weird Dog Gadgets

This New Puppy Is Not A Fan Of These Weird Dog Gadgets


As you might know, I am the proud daddy of a 3-year-old cat. Her name is Riley and I adopted her a few months ago and now love her beyond words.

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After Riley and I grew to understand each other, I quickly learned that a cat is more of a roommate than a pet. I've also been informed that puppies and dogs are very different in this regard.

Take, for instance, buying a cat a toy. As long as it has catnip on and/or in it, I can pretty much walk into my apartment, drop the toy on the floor, and Riley will take it from there.

With dogs, this is not as easy of a task. Puppies can be finicky, apparently. Also, there are a lot of strange toys and things that companies have made for dogs.

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Take, for instance, YouTube user Rclbeauty101. In her latest video, "Testing Out Weird Dog Gadgets With My PUPPY!" (capitalized letters hers), she informs us that she recently got a new puppy.

A new, adorable, fluff ball of a puppy. The two seem to be inseparable already. Her obsession is obvious, and understandable. The puppy's dependency and love is likewise obvious and understandable.

And on this day of days, Rclbeauty has decided to test out a whole bunch of very strange dog toys and gadgets on her puppy.

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The results are both hilarious, and informative. For instance, I learned that those treat-dispensing video camera things I was thinking about getting for me and Riley shoot the treats at roughly sixty miles an hour.

Dangerous! I think I'll be skipping out on that purchase. I also marveled at how relatively approving the puppy was of being bathed. Riley and I have already come to the silent understanding that she handles her own bathing, and if I even try to bring her near a bathtub, she will issue one warning howl before she turns on me.

Ready to see how this girl's puppy responded to the new gadgets you may be considering nabbing for your kitty or puppy? Head over to the next page!

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