This NSFW Men's Accessory Is Rising To The Occasion For Trending In 2017

This NSFW Men's Accessory Is Rising To The Occasion For Trending In 2017


This jewel keeps it together, while gawkers are falling apart over its provocative nature.

Vivienne Westwood, the fashion designer known for her new wave and punk aesthetic, recently turned heads at London Fashion Week Men's.

But that's nothing new for the queen of anarchy.

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Using the current, politically charged climate for inspiration, Westwood targeted the avaricious and the power hungry for this year's theme.

Models furiously romped down the runway, draped in distorted uniforms resembling superiority. Exaggerated silhouettes consisting of oversized lapels, blazers sans slacks, and belts emblazoned with "IOU," were some of the elements that streaked past the usual slack-jawed onlookers in this season's sartorial pageant.

But Vivienne assured the public of one thing: Dicks would never go out of style.

The dame of fashion sneakily incorporated bejeweled penises to keep the models' looks from going limp.

It's subtle, but there's a dick or two on him.

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Oh, you need a closer look? Feast your eyes upon the chain holding his jacket together, anchored by two sparkling dicks, cocked at opposing angles.

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It's hardly the first time the phallus made a debut in fashion. It's an enduring trend that will never go out of style, and Westwood makes sure of that.

Take a look at past dicks plunging into the realm of couture.

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